Monday, November 6

National Time Change Hangover Day

Did you know that there's a "national day" for practically everything?

A friend told me that this weekend I missed National Love Your Red Hair Day. Aw, shucks. But apparently it was also National Donut Day, and I didn't have any donuts, either.

Some of the observances are serious, of course, and I appreciate those. For instance, November is National COPD Month. My mom had COPD and died in November 18 years ago, so I am grateful for the push to raise awareness and to raise money for research.

Lots of the days, though, appear to be just for fun, and it seems that they spring up out of nowhere. So by the power vested in me by no one in particular, I am declaring the Monday after falling back to Standard Time
National Time Change Hangover Day.

Henceforth shall this day be filled with such observances as 
  • drinking an extra cup of coffee
  • staring mindlessly into space
  • yawning until your face hurts
  • changing into your jammies at 7:30 P.M.

Who's with me?

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