Monday, February 1

The easiest and best appetizer recipe

It's February, and the Super Bowl is nearly here!  Hard to believe it's nearly time for the big game, isn't it?

Today I'm sharing with you one of my entertaining secrets--an appetizer that tastes out of this world, always garners compliments, and takes only minutes to prepare.

Here's the secret ingredient:

It's a specialty product called Dr. Pete's Praline Mustard Glaze.  It's a delicious sweet and savory glaze that can be used in looks of cooking applications.  Don't let the "mustard" fool you--one of my guests who hates mustard loved this.  It costs less than $10 a bottle, and it's so delicious you won't believe it.  You can order it directly from the Dr. Pete website, or check the website for a retailer near you that carries the product.  (I have no affiliation with this company; I just think the product is wonderful.)

Now for the way I use it.  I simply soften a brick of cream cheese, generously spoon Dr. Pete's glaze on the cream cheese, and sprinkle with roasted pecans.  The result isn't particularly beautiful to look at, but it's beautiful to eat!  I serve it with plenty of crackers, and it always gets devoured.

Incredible appetizer made from Dr. Pete's Praline Mustard Glaze

Every time I serve this, people clamor for the recipe.  I once took it to an event at The Nester's house, and she called me a "dip savant." True story!

This would be a perfect addition to a Super Bowl party--super easy to make, absolutely delicious to eat, and no leftovers!

What's your favorite party food recipe?  Please share it!


  1. Richella,

    I'll have to give it a try!


  2. This sounds great...Will have to check our local stores for it!

  3. The site says that A Southern Season in Chapel Hill has to get this! Thanks Richella!

  4. Kiki, it really is wonderful! I hope you try it. I think you'll be glad you did!


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