Friday, November 14

A new skin care product

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One fun thing about blogging is that I occasionally get to try new products.  Since I don't want my blog to be one giant commercial, I don't do this very often, but recently I was given a chance to try some new products that really caught my eye: the L’Oreal Age Perfect line of skin care products.

I am blessed with good skin.  And when I say "blessed," I mean it.  I have good genes, thanks to my mom:
Wasn't she a cutie?  I'm so thankful that I inherited her creamy skin, and I've tried to take care of it.

But now I'm 51 years old, and caring for my skin has become more of a task than it used to be. Simply put, aging skin just doesn't renew itself as ably as young skin does.

Thankfully, the science of skin care has come a long way.  My mom never had much more than cold cream to care for her skin.  Now I have these weapons at my disposal.

I've been using the products for a couple weeks now, and I can tell you that I'm very pleased with them. One thing in particular I noticed is that the creams are luxuriously thick, yet they absorb very quickly.  I don't like to feel as though a cream is resting on top of my face, and I hate for my face to feel sticky.  No sticky feeling with these creams!  I love that.

I was a little hesitant to note that the creams are not fragrance-free.  I'm very sensitive to smells, and once I actually returned a very expensive night cream because its fragrance gave me a terrible headache.  The fragrance in the L'Oreal creams, though, are very pleasant, and they dissipate pretty quickly.  That's a good thing for me.

The other thing I noticed right away is the price of these products.  Good quality products for mature skin can cost a pretty penny.  These are very reasonably priced.  The MSRP is less than $25, but I found them at my local discount store for less than $20--and with a $3.00 coupon attached!  I'm so glad that L'Oreal is offering good products at an affordable price.

I'll let you know what kind of results I get after using these products for awhile.  For now, you can read all about them here--and look for them at your local drug or discount store.

Do you have any favorite skin care tips to share?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. May I ask what discount store you found these at? Maybe I have one locally.

  2. Gayle, I found these products at Walmart! I imagine they're at Target as well, but I haven't looked there. Hope you're able to find them!

  3. I'm lucky to be blessed with good skin also. My mom had gorgeous skin. I too take care of my skin. Thanks for the info


  4. I really appreciate your sharing, I too had great skin thanks to my Mom, but now that I am nearing 65 my skin is giving in to aging that I have no control over. I will try this for I feel it will ease in me to this next stage, feeling awesome and not giving in, I will be the best I can be!!!

  5. I have used Noxema for forty years! That and an Olay moisturizer with sunscreen are my daily staples.

  6. My grandma always used ponds cold cream. My mom also used it. My grandma didn't have a wrinkle on her face at 85. She had the most beautiful skin. My mom is 86 and up until she broke her hip last year, she didn't have a wrinkle either. I will say that her skin is still beautiful.

    I am not so lucky. I tried the age old Ponds and I broke out from it. I really need to start taking better care of my skin. I use the clairsonic but I feel I need a little more. I can't wait to hear the results on the product you are using. :)


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