Sunday, October 12

Sunday Soul Care

I love Autumn!  In this season I can read the Book of Nature most clearly.  The beautiful colors of Fall nourish my soul as they remind me of the love and care of the Creator.

In what season does your soul find the most nourishment?


  1. Summer is the my season. I feel free and am filled with memories of my early childhood. However, as fall develops and its magnificence is revealed, I wonder how I could possibly not love it. I find that I fall in love with fall each year, which turns out to be such a wonderful surprise!

  2. Oh...the fall for sure but then I'm ready for some more when springtime arrives. Crisp, cool air, the golds and reds of the leaves...I love it!

  3. I love your thoughts on nature nourishing our soul- so true! Beautiful reminder.


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