Tuesday, September 23

Finally Autumn

It's finally here.  After a long summer, the first day of Autumn has arrived.

So many people say that Autumn is their favorite season, and I've been wondering why that is.  Is it because the cooler temperatures are welcome after a hot season?  Are we glad to put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters?  Is it because the air feels crisp and clean?  Because kids are back to school? Or is it because of Autumn's lovely holidays?  Its colors?  Its scents?

Perhaps all of those things play into our fondness for Autumn.  But at heart I think there's something more than that.

Of all seasons, Autumn is the one most marked by gratitude.  The fruits of a busy growing season are "safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin."

Isn't it interesting that we love Autumn so much, when we know that Winter is coming?  We're well aware that the colorful leaves falling from the trees are harbingers of winter storms right around the corner.  Yet Autumn remains our favorite time of year.

Maybe our souls know something that our bodies too often forget.

Perhaps our souls know that Winter is a time for rest--a time when daylight is in short supply, when the ground lies frozen and fallow.  As Autumn signals the approach of Winter, maybe our souls are grateful that rest is coming.

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:
"In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength."
Isaiah 30:15, NIV

How about you?  Is Autumn your favorite time of year?  Why?


  1. Hi Richella, I love autumn-it screams warmth and comfort to me; having said that I always loved spring and summer too when in Ca. Being in Colorado, I truly think that Autumn has become my favorite season. I am thankful for every day the Lord graces me with.. Sending warm hugs to you today.

  2. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the coolness in the air, the colors, and cuddling with my family as we sit on the couch and watch football, a movie, etc. I love the perspective you give regarding our hearts. Beautiful...<3

  3. Yes! I love Autumn (except we call it Fall around here)! I love the smell of the leaves, the perfect blue sky, the cooler temps (although I do love summer), and the food. Fall just feels homey and nice to me. Plus, I've always loved the beginning of school. I DO NOT look forward to what's ahead. Just sayin'. ;)

  4. Yes, Autumn is my favorite time of year, too. I love the season for all of the reasons you stated and more. I start drinking hot chocolate at the start of Autumn and I stop when Winter's over. I also love the colors and the fact that all of the annoying insects, like bees and mosquitoes all go away...:)

  5. I always get excited over each season that comes and marvel that God knew just the right length of time to let each one last. I love summer and live on the coast, but now I'm ready for something new. When I tire of autumn, winter will roll around. God's timing is always right.

  6. Beautiful post, Richella! I love Autumn because the temps are very comfortable here; and I love Fall fashions! Additionally, i love the rich, warm colors. A cozy fire in the fireplace is just the icing on the cake!

  7. What a beautiful post! I think I love Autumn because of the rich colors of the season and the cooler temperatures. Our Summers are brutal in Texas.:)

  8. Fall... My very favorite time of the year!! All the colors.. Oh My Goodness!! ... It speaks Harvest time... and comfort food and bursts of color on the trees... and trips to the Mountains :) .... and here in the south.. a little relief from the intense heat of the summer! YEP... my favorite time of the year

  9. I love Autumn, it's truly my favorite season. Beautiful thoughts today.

  10. Love this post...Autumn/Fall is one of my very favorite times of the year....


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