Wednesday, December 11

DIY Christmas wall art

I recently revealed my new living room, and I'm having fun decorating the new room for Christmas!

One thing that remains unfinished about the new room is the lack of art for the back wall.  Placing the Christmas tree on that wall takes care of one side of the mirror, but the other side looked awfully blank. So I created some art for the other side of the mirror.

I've had this Christmas magazine for many years--I think I paid $5.00 for it at an antique store 20 years ago.  This edition was published in 1942.

I have always loved the beautiful images in it.

I simply cut out two pages from the magazine--a beautiful illuminated image of the Christmas carol "The Friendly Beasts."  I purchased two frames off the shelf at a craft store for a few dollars, then I had mats custom-cut to fit the magazine pages.

I did the framing myself.  When I placed the images into the frame, I could see the print from the back of the page through the paper--so I taped black paper to the back of the image.  Now the print from the back doesn't show through!

Here's a shot of one of the images in the frame:

The custom-cut mats make all the difference in the world--for just a few dollars, you can have the perfect frame for any size art.

Here are the two pieces side by side.  (Sorry about the glare--the inexpensive frames come with regular glass.)

Here you can see them in their place of honor opposite the Christmas tree.

And on a brighter day.  Notice the beagle is in the same chair!

I'm thinking you could create the same kind of art with vintage Christmas advertisements or sheet music.  Karen at The Graphics Fairy features lots of beautiful images that you can download and print out for free.

I've just about finished my Christmas decorating and will be sharing it all in the next few days.  How's yours coming along?

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  1. Your room is so beautiful! I love creating my own art too. Great idea for your art! ~Sonya

  2. What a wonderful idea! and great way to reuse an old favourite. :)

    Brandi ~ Nest of Bliss

  3. What a great old magazine to have to make such lovely art with, super idea!


  4. How pretty! I switch the image that's in my main art frame over the fireplace a few times a year. It's so much less expensive than buying the frames each time and gives a nice change.

  5. What a great idea! awww your puppy is so cute! He looks like my daughter's dog - he's a Beagle Basset Hound mix.

  6. Your new living room is gorgeous Richella, you did a magnificent job, specially with the tree it's also so festive and elegant. Wonderful idea and it's perfect too, I love it! Your puppy is so cute sitting there looking comfy, lol! Hugs,


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