Friday, November 22

Thanksgiving decor

I've transitioned my Autumn decor into more specific decor for Thanksgiving, and thought you might enjoy a look around.

Starting with the front porch:

I changed the chalkboard sentiment.  Not fancy, but it gets the message across!

I added a few little touches like a brass wishbone on the coffee table in our new living room:

Dear friends of ours (who are more like family than friends!) from Michigan usually visit us for Thanksgiving.  They gave me the wishbone last year, and I'm so proud to display it!

I didn't change the dining room too much:

I did put my turkey platter on display on the primitive sideboard.  The turkey platter I'd owned for 20 years broke, so my sweet husband bought me a new one.  It's too pretty to keep in the cupboard!

In the kitchen I changed my Autumn centerpiece to include my papier-mâché cornucopia.  This cornucopia is now celebrating its 23rd Thanksgiving in our house; I bought it when our oldest son was a tiny baby. I'm surprised it's survived all these years in a household full of boys and dogs!

As you can see, I placed the cornucopia on a tray so that I can easily whisk it aside.  I love having a centerpiece on this table, but the table is not for show--it gets used every day!

Out on the screened porch I've added a couple of Thanksgiving touches, too.

One of my favorite things is my "Give thanks" pillow--created from a canvas dropcloth and a black Sharpie!  (Full tutorial here.)

Now we're ready for school to get out and our friends to travel to North Carolina so we can make some more wonderful Thanksgiving memories!

Do you do any special Thanksgiving decorating at your house?


  1. It looks wonderful, Richella. I love that cornucopia! How wonderful that you have had it all these years. I have a woven one that I have had about 30 years, too. Love your wishbone. We always take ours from the Thanksgiving turkey and put it in our Christmas tree for good luck for the upcoming year. (funny old superstition, huh?;>)

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana

  2. Love your home and the simple elegance of your decorating. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing! - Pam, apples of gold,

  3. Everything looks so pretty .. Folks are going to feel welcome and pampered as well as blessed in your beautiful home.
    Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family// friends.


  4. Oh Richella, everything looks lovely! Your cornucopia is beautiful! Isn't it amazing some of the things that can survive our houses full of boys? :) I'm definitely stealing your idea to put the centerpieces on a tray so they're easy to remove. Great tip! I also never thought to display my turkey platter. I usually don't get it out until the big day. You've inspired me to get it out this very minute and display it proudly. :)

  5. Oh it all looks so pretty. Not doing any special decorating here, just going to cook up a storm and enjoy the family. Hope yours is filled with tons of Blessings. Hugs, Marty

  6. Beautiful, beautiful Thanksgiving decorations! Wishing you a lovely holiday with your loved ones :)

  7. Your home looks so warm and welcoming! I do a general Fall decorating for October/November since we go to my parents to celebrate Thanksgiving day.

  8. Richella, Everything looks beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

  9. Everything looks pretty! Love the give thanks pillow!


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