Saturday, October 5

Caring for Myself Body and Soul 5:
trying something new

For the most part, I'm a stay-at-home kind of person.  I sleep in the same bed most nights of the year.  Heck, I sleep in exactly the same position in the same spot in the same bed most nights of the year!

But this week I'm being reminded that sometimes it's good for me to try something new--to do something that stretches my mind and spirit.  Something that's not my usual, comfortable routine.

So I'm writing this post in New York City, where the view from my hotel window is this:

Not at all my usual scene.  But that's one of the reasons it's good for me to be here.

Here's another reason: I've never done this before.  Oh, I've been to New York several times.  But this is the first time I've ever come here all by myself.  Always before I've been with my family or at least with Jack, and I always left the logistics of getting around the city to someone else.

I was talking to a sophisticated, extremely kind woman who lives here in New York, the owner of an art gallery.  For some reason, I felt led to admit to her that I've never been here by myself before.  She nodded her head understandingly and said, "It takes courage to visit here alone.  But isn't it wonderful?"

I hadn't thought of my making this trip as an act of courage, but I think she's right.  Maybe that's why it feels so good to be here.  Right now my feet are aching and my back is tired, but my mind is racing and my heart is singing.  Even as I'm taking in the exciting world here in the city, I'm proving to myself that I can do more than I knew I could.

"Be strong and of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9

So tell me--when was the last time you tried something new?

This post is the fifth entry in a 31-day series: Caring for Myself Body and Soul.  
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  1. Good for you! I'm very much a stay at home person too. I love my home and love just being home, but sometimes it's good to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I'm always proud of myself when I do that. :)

  2. How awesome for you, Richella! I love roaming around a city by myself--it's exhilarating to me. Enjoy this time, and then enjoy reuniting with your family. Travel is good for the soul. :)

  3. Thank you for the scripture reminder! What a powerful reminder and to literally think that is how it is. No matter where we are and perhaps even most when we are alone- to know that we truly are not ever alone. Enjoy NYC and the time for your soul!

  4. How fun! I would not have a clue as to how to get around NYC! That is where my husband and I HOPE to go for our 25th anniversary next year. You will have to tell me where to go and how to get around :)

  5. What a great post! And good for you Richella, I think we stay young at heart when we force ourselves to try new things. You've made me think.

  6. I went downtown in our city all by myself a month or so ago. I didn't rely on my husband to clear my way for me. I explored on my own. Safely, of course. It does take courage to move out of safe routine and into the unknown.

  7. Bravo Richella!...I my "old age" I am trying to try to "go out of my comfort zone"....I recently traveled to France...a girls/bloggers trip....a trip such as this, I would travel with my hubby...but I have never traveled to a large city such as NYC to hear more about your travels...the closest I have come to travel on my own was when I would drop off my hubby at a clients (out of town) and go exploring without a navigation..ha!

  8. I'm loving your series! The last time I tried something new was in June when I started blogging. It's been so much fun and now I wish that I had started years ago. I'm doing 31 days, too, in the Personal Endeavors category.

  9. Good for you!!! That is huge - at least in my book! I'm glad you are enjoying it. I like following along on instagram. :) Driving to Atlanta for Haven was pretty big for me. Also, my cell phone died because I was using the gps function which drained it so I had to rely on a map which is a foreign concept. I did have a couple missteps but I was proud of myself for getting there.

  10. I tried a new sewing venture recently - my first little dress for one of my daughters. I had set it aside for months, intimidated by a new technique and frustrated by a mistake. But when I finally tackled it, worked through the problem slowly, and FINISHED the dress I felt such a sense of excitement and accomplishment!


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