Tuesday, May 21

A prayer for courage

As we watch news coverage of the devastation wrought by tornadoes in Oklahoma, our hearts break.   Our eyes fill with tears as we grieve with parents over the loss of their children, with wives over the loss of their husbands, with husbands over the loss of their wives, with friends over the loss of their loved ones.

Oh, God.  We are undone.

We want to know: can we help?  Is there anything we can do?  The answer is yes.  Click here for a list of tangible ways to help.  If you know another way, share it.

And we can pray.  We can all pray that God will provide as only He can do.  We can join our hands and hearts together, and we can remind one another of the truth.

Lord, give us the courage to do what You want us to do.


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