Friday, March 15

Something I needed to read

My dear friends, I had grand intentions of writing a beautiful post for today--something that would make you so glad you'd visited here!  Alas, that didn't happen.  Instead, things like this happened:

Now, that's not my beautiful lamp.  It belongs to my friend Marian, better known as "Scooper" at a la Mode.  Marian wrote exactly the post that I needed to read today--a reminder of what's what, a post to help me keep my head screwed on straight.  A post called "Making Friends with Mess."

I'm guessing some of you might need to read it, too.  You'll be blessed by it, I promise.  Go on over and tell Marian her messy friend Richella sent you.


  1. I will pop by and read it! xo Diana

  2. I was listening to a Michael Hyatt podcast yesterday while painting and heard your lovely voice! Felt like I knew someone famous! I will go check out the post you mentioned right now!

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