Monday, January 21

A time of being unplugged

Life can be complicated, can't it?

Work to do.  Children to parent.  Homes to run.  Projects to finish.  It's easy to feel as if every hour of every day is filled to overflowing, with absolutely no time for some really important things.

Like tending to relationships.  Building partnerships.  Celebrating love.

But this past weekend, I put aside everything else and flew off spend the weekend with my sweetheart. You see, Jack's been working in Canada quite a bit lately.  Last week he was working in Toronto; this week he's working in Vancouver.  So instead of his flying to North Carolina for a few hours at home, I flew to Toronto to be with him.

Canada?  In January?  Don't I know that January calls for visits to places like the Caribbean?  Well, yes, I know that.  But Jack wasn't in the Caribbean.  He was in Canada.  And the locale is not nearly so important as the company.

So we walked and talked and laughed and shopped and visited museums and ate wonderful food.  We did touristy things like going to the top of the CN Tower, where Jack snapped this photo of me:

Look at those rosy cheeks!  That's what happens when you walk around Toronto in January!

We even tried taking an iPhone photo of ourselves:

Clearly, we need to get our children to teach us how to do this.

There's one thing I didn't do this weekend, though.  I didn't do anything related to my blog.  To be honest, I didn't really plan that.  In fact, I took my computer with me, but I left in my carry-on bag the entire time I was in Toronto.  It's not that I needed a break from blogging.  It's just that I needed concentrated time with my husband--the kind of time we simply can't have if I'm glued to my computer.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my computer.  I love all the things I can do with it.  But this weekend, it was good for my computer to be nothing more than a weight in my suitcase.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). 

How about you?  Do you ever unplug from one activity in order to plug into another?  I'd love to hear about it!

**I'm sharing this with Amanda at Serenity Now for her Weekend Bloggy Reading party.**


  1. It looks & sounds like you guys had a great time!! It always feels good to unplug every now & then! So good, that it's often hard for me to come back after taking time off!!

    I hope you guys had a lovely time in Toronto!! My husband & I made a trip to Vancouver, BC this past summer! It was absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Like you I have only been to Toronto in the winter - during a blizzard. I, too, went to spend time with my husband. Time well spent. Good for you to unplug and focus on your husband. There is a quote that saying 'yes' to one thing, means saying ' no' to something else. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Sounds wonderful!! Yes, I do unplug completely now and again...I agree with Tonya that sometimes it is hard to get back in the swing of things, yet the benefit on the real life side is always so great. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I really get it! I try to unplug every weekend and well I took a 2 month break at the holidays. It was the best thing I ever did. Good for you to get away and spend time with your husband. Looks like a lovely time.

    Blessings to you!

  5. Love this. Everywhere I turn today...woman who are clearly being led to love their husbands intentionally.

  6. I have truly unplugged since about August 18 last summer except for our Christmas letter on the blog. Sometimes more important things take center stage and it may be another year before I will have the time to get back to blogging. Our son went into the Army last fall (Sept 24). Writing to him daily took an enormous amount of time in the evenings while he was in basic training. The IRS has mandated the all tax preparers pass tests now also. I was more concerned with motherhood when I graduated from college so I did not take my CPA exam. Now I am studying for a 3 part Enrolled Agent exam to surpass the required registered tax preparer so I don't have to take any more tests. This take another enormous block of time. Unplugged is good, but I truly enjoy during breaks at work and a few minutes at the close of the day catching up with my favorite blogs. Love to you! Judy :)

  7. I just went away with my hubby too this last weekend.....It was wonderful...

  8. Sounds like such a wonderful trip Richella!! I've really been trying to be mindful of my time and that God is my top priority and then my family and then everything else. My kiddos are still young and I want to enjoy these moments while I have them! I haven't been able to comment on blogs or do as much social "stuff" but I've been able to just step away from the computer and enjoy these precious, fleeting moments. I don't want to look back with regret even though I know I'm not perfect and will have it on some things anyway! :-) Thank you for sharing your heart with us and for the beautiful reminder of being in the "now". Blessings to you friend!

  9. You look so pretty Richella! I'm so happy you are happy with your hero and enjoying everything life serves you in a platter, with our Lord first and family love. Yes, it's fine to give yourself time off from the computer, but I find you all my friends, that when I do that, only caz I'm busy or away...I really miss you and it feels like I'm eons away from you guys!! Have a fun and enjoy yourself this week.

  10. I have been unplugging more lately. I try to do very little online stuff on the weekends, I need the break and so does my family.
    So glad you all had a wonderful time!!

  11. Wonderful advise, to get away and get unplugged. That picture of you way high took my breath away, that was HIGH. wow... you are a very cute couple.

  12. My daughter lives in Toronto. I'm happy you enjoyed your time there. Cold yes but a city that has a lot to offer.

    Jeannette (from Canada)

  13. Good for you! It sounds wonderful and you're glowing with happiness~

  14. So important to nuture that marriage relationship. Your photos are beautiful. Sometimes I need to unplug so as not to get distracted. It's easy for one hour to morph into two and face to face time is gone.

  15. What a beautiful picture of you, Richella! And I'm so glad you left your computer in its rightful place. It can wait. :) We traveled to Arizona for Christmas and I didn't even BRING my computer. I get tired of carrying it with me, only for it to be dead weight. Plus, I wanted to focus on my family, so I just left it at home. I didn't miss it one bit. :)

  16. Love your pic - you are always so photogenic! Glad you got to see your hubby but it is tough when they are away. You do treasure them a little more.

    I am pretty unplugged on weekends. And I do check my email in the morning but usually don't do anything else until lunchtime. However, I did have to make a "rule" to help me with that because it was distracting me. Sometimes it is good to unplug all together though!!

  17. I can relate to this! We just recently enjoyed a one-night getaway to San Francisco, and while I was tempted to bring the ipad, I'm so glad I didn't. It made it a real break and allowed me to just be present with Ryan. Glad you had a fun trip!

  18. Good for you! Time with your husband + computer time= a waste of an least in my opinion. I just spent almost an entire week away from my blog, and I know it was a good thing for our marriage. Looks like you had a great time!

  19. What a fun little getaway! Love that first picture of you!

  20. Found you on Serenity Now. I just told my husband earlier that a new rule of no cell phones allowed in the play room. It's too easy to Facebook, Instagram or check email while she is playing but I think it's more important to interact with HER. Thanks for this!


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