Tuesday, June 12

Free service for LEGO fans and their parents

In our home, no toy or game is more beloved than LEGO bricks.  Maybe that's true for your home, too.   Although they're a challenge to organize, they seem to multiply, and it hurts to step on them with bare feet, the good things about LEGO far outnumber the bad.  

But the vast world of LEGO sets can be confusing.  Many parents wonder if the the sets are good, if they'll be workable for their children, and if they're worth the cost.   

My son Lee can help.  Lee is more than a LEGO fan.  His knowledge of LEGO is encyclopedic and his ability to build with them is amazing.  Lee is known online as "LegoLee329."  If you have a question about LEGO, Lee can probably answer it.

Lee has a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing LEGO sets.  Now, there are many people who review LEGO sets on YouTube.  What makes Lee special?

~He really loves LEGO.  He spends nearly every dollar he gets on LEGO sets--gifts, allowance, earnings--most all of it goes toward purchasing LEGOs.  He makes some money through Google AdSense, and he spends that on LEGOs, too.  (He has no affiliation with LEGO; he purchases all his own sets.)

~He can talk knowledgably about LEGO with adults, but he's young enough to know what appeals to kids.  He's been reviewing LEGOs for a long time, and his videos have been viewed more than 2 million times.  

~He does it all himself.  He works hard to make his reviews good.  He's not a professional with fancy equipment, but he puts his heart into his work. 

~He's a good guy.  He's not perfect, of course, but he knows that kids are watching his videos as well as teenagers and adults.  He doesn't swear or curse. 

~He makes his videos informative.  He includes information about price, piece count, availability, the building process, play features, and value.

Lee building a Lord of the Rings set

Lee has reviewed more than 300 different LEGO sets in just about every category, including the most recent releases.  Click here to see a list of all his videos.

After watching a video, if you have a specific question about a LEGO set, Lee would be glad to answer if he can.  You can send him an email (his email address is LegoLee329 [at] gmail [dot] com); he'll do his best to answer.

So if you have LEGO questions, ask LegoLee!  He'll be glad to help you if he can.

I'd love to know:  are there LEGO fans in your family?


  1. Oh you better believe that my son is going to be visiting LegoLee! :-) He will be going to a week long day camp this summer dedicated to Lego Mindstorms/Robotics and he is so excited. I think if we lived closer to you, Lee would have a little shadow following him around everywhere! LOL!

  2. Natalie wants some Legos soooo badly, but I've held off b/c we already have toys with 2 million tiny pieces laying around. She likes the "girlie" Legos. I think Lee should try to work for Lego when he gets older!

  3. I LOVE that your son has choosen Legos as his hobby! My soon to be 12 year old too is REALLY into legos. My husband is sooo over buying him another Lego set, but I told my husband we should be thankful that he's spending his time building with Legos as it's much better then being stuck in front of the TV or playing video games :) Can't wait to show him your son on youtube!!

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