Wednesday, February 29

Leap Day Fun

Today is February 29. Leap Day! My youngest son's birthday is March 29, and he reminded me that he only gets to say "It's one month 'til my birthday" every four years!

I get that that this is the day when we re-align our Gregorian, 365-days-per-year calendar with the actual time it takes Earth to travel around the sun, which is close to 365 1/4 days. And although I understand a little of the science behind having an extra day in our calendar every four years, my Southern-fried brain can't help but think about this exchange between Andy and Opie from the first season of The Andy Griffith Show. Andy is upset with Opie for giving only three cents to a collection for underprivileged children, but when he tries to talk to Opie about it, things get a little muddled:

Andy: Opie, you can't give a little bitty piddlin' amount like three cents to a worthy cause like the Underprivileged Children's Drive. Why, I was reading here the other day where there's somewhere like 400 needy boys in this county alone, or one and a half boys per square mile.

Opie: There is?

Andy: Sure is.

Opie: I never seen one, Pa.

Andy: Never seen one what?

Opie: A half a boy.

Andy: Well, it's not really half a boy. It's a ratio.

Opie: Horatio who?

Oh, my lands. It gets even better from there. Since you have a whole extra day in your calendar, surely you have time to watch a couple of minutes of this clip from "Opie's Charity." I promise it'll make you smile!

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Do you have any special plans for Leap Day?


  1. LOL- I was among the legions of folks that loved that show and Miss Bea, too. Happy Leap Year Day! xo Diana

  2. So cute! I watched the whole thing and loved it. You are are doll for putting that up!

  3. It didn't really occur to me until about 10 minutes ago the significance of having a whole extra day. :s Wasn't Ron Howard the cutest thing???

  4. I LOVE it when you reference Andy Griffith. Makes me smile! I have been in a funk today - hubby is out of town and Reid has an ear infection and isn't sleeping well. Now I can just blame it on that extra day messing with my system.

  5. Opie was soooo cute! :) Ah, for the simpler times (even though this was before my time by SEVERAL years! HA!) Is it my imagination or was Andy's Southern accent more pronounced this season than in later years? Or has it just been that long since I've watched it?

  6. It's not your imagination, Heathahlee! Andy's accent is most definitely more pronounced in the early years, especially in the first season. Have you ever heard his comedy routines from the years before TAGShow? His drawl is so pronounced it's hilarious!

  7. As an avid Andy Griffith show rerun watcher, I THANK YOU for sharing this episode. I was in Andy's hometown (Mt. Airy, NC)last spring and felt as if I were in Mayberry. Love your blog - thanks again for sharing.

    Cheryl M., Texas

  8. LOL! I haven't see clips of that show in a long time!

  9. That is one of my very favorite episodes. It and the first episode where Opie is heartbroken and can't find it in his heart to let Aunt Bea in. LOVE The Andy Griffith show!

  10. Oh my! I love the Andy Griffith Show! Just another kindred spirit moment ;-) Oh, P.S. I need to e-mail you w/ a question...gonna go do that now!


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