Wednesday, August 24

Accessorizing a room without breaking the bank

When I was in the process of painting the dining room, one of my sons said, "So, are you going to get some new decorations to go with the new paint?" He's a boy after my own heart.

Actually, one of my goals in changing this room was to be able to use many of the same accessories that I had before. I pulled the blue color from the rug, just as I had done with the red. The rug is a riot of color, but I think they all work together beautifully. Still, I did change a few things.

First I found this gorgeous blue ruffly pillow at HomeGoods for $12.99. When I saw this pillow, I knew I'd found the color I wanted for my dining room.

I wanted a punchy fabric to go with the solid blue pillow. I found several that would work well for fall and winter, but I wanted to start with something light and bright for summer. I'd almost given up when I made a trip to World Market. Their "Kavita" curtain panel contained just the colors I was looking for. I didn't want the curtains, but a quick look around the store revealed the same fabric in other places, including a set of tea towels for $7.99. A few straight stitches later, I had a pillow.

Another trip to HomeGoods and another $12.99, and this gorgeous shallow bowl came home with me:

It took me awhile to find a plate stand deep enough to hold this bowl, but I finally found one at Pier One. I love the bowl displayed this way.

Most of the display on top of the china cabinet I already had, but I did add the big platter. Again, this was a HomeGoods find. It cost $9.99.

I found a couple of new accessories for my lighted cabinets. The multi-color vase was a fun find at Ross for just $7.99.

As for the little onion-shaped vase, it was one of my best finds. Here's how it started life:

The pink color didn't work for me, but the $2.48 price tag sure did! I spray-painted it and then wiped some stain over it and added some gold Rub'n'Buff around the neck. I love the way it turned out!

I'll probably keep on the lookout for a few more accessories to add to my blue room, but for now I'm happy with the way the new accessories are playing nicely with the old ones.

Where do you find accessories?

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  1. Your dining room is gorgeous and I love the new accessories. They are all beautiful. I love that picture in the gold frame too. Fabulous. You did a great job on the onion vase. Isn't stain just the neatest thing to transform something. Hugs, Marty

  2. Richella...First of all, I need to know if you pronounce your name
    "Rich-ella"...or "Ri-shella"... I have to rave and rave on that gorgeous blue pillow! It is so beautiful...and the price is amazing! And I love how you changed that onion is so pretty with the vase it is sitting next to.

    I love that you are not afraid of color. The color of your walls is so pretty!

    Ok...well, that was fun! I love taking a browse around your beautiful rooms!

    Love, Linda

  3. I have wanted the Kavita curtains for my living room, but in searching around online, I saw a pic (and a few people said) they were really brightly colored. I don't have a World Market close to me (I live in Mississippi) to just go and look. I love how it looks in your dining room though. Not really bright and pinky like I saw online. Are the colors good for fall and summer? Thanks so much!!

  4. That blue is beautiful. Great find on your accessories. It still amazes me what a can of spray paint can do!

  5. That blue is beautiful. Great find on your accessories. It still amazes me what a can of spray paint can do!

  6. LOVE all of the the price tags of them as well. ;) Your a gal after my own heart Richella. I love a good bargain on something beautiful. Everything is just gorgeous.


  7. Everything looks so pulled together in your dining room with the help of the pillows, bowl and plate. I love all the shades of blue you are working with!

    When I want to change things up I hit Marshalls and TJ Maxx first. Homegoods is a bit of a drive and I always overspend there!

    Love what you so creatively did!


  8. I loooove those pillows! You have such great style, Richella. :) The blue is just stunning!

  9. Oh my goodness. I just adore your new colors and acessories Richella. It really looks gorgeous!

    Warmly, ~Melissa

  10. Wow on the vase! Love it. I'm all about the HomeGoods/Pier 1 / World Market accessories. I've spraypainted many an accessory but the stain/ rub n buff took it to the next level!

  11. You found some wonderful things that accessorize your room perfectly. I love how you change the look of that onion vase with paint and stain.

    I very rarely buy anything new, I like to get accessories at thrift stores or antique shops. You've made me think that maybe some new things might be nice to have, too.

  12. Oh, how I love living less than a mile from Homegoods. We did not have one in Seattle.

    Great finds.


  13. I love those vases. You litterally just transformed a whole room by adding new paint & few accessories. :-) As a fellow blue lover myself, I give it a thumbs up! ;-P

  14. Hi Richella just popped over from WUW and I am so glad I did your dining room is beautiful! Just became your newest follower, would love if you stopped by and follow me back. Martina

    Going over to ck out your beautiful kitchen now:)

  15. I love your new dining room colors. Thanks for the tips on accessorizing "on the cheap!" I enjoy your blog :)


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