Wednesday, October 27

My new guest room

I've been at work updating our guest bedroom, and it's time for a little tour. Join me!

First, a snapshot of how the room used to look:

I liked many things about my guest room, but I'd been itching to make some changes. As you can see, this room used to be all reds and golds. I'd added a bit of green earlier this year, when I updated the upholstered headboards, but I found myself wanting a bit of blue to go with the green. I still needed to work with some red and gold, though, because I didn't want to change the upholstered chair in the room or the decor in the adjoining bathroom, and to tell the truth I didn't really feel like painting the walls. I also didn't want to spend much money. I'm not picky, am I? So what have I done for little money but big impact?

Well, here's the view as you step in the door of the room:

This is a long, narrow room, so I'll show you both ends. One end:

(Note: I like having twin beds in the guest room. Married couples who visit don't seem to mind sleeping in separate beds for a night or two, and having separate beds allows us to accommodate our sons' friends when they visit. It seems we often have college students occupying this room, and they're more comfortable if they each have their own beds. And while I know it's very fashionable to replace a ceiling fan with a chandelier, I chose to keep the fan. It's hot here in North Carolina!)

And here's the other end of the room:

A few details:

The plates and prints I showed you last week. I like the way they fill up this side wall.

I liked my bedside table and lamps, so I kept them. I added a mirror that I had on hand just above the table and filled a Goodwill-vase-painted-blue with some gorgeous dried hydrangeas. I'll swap the hydrangeas out for fresh flowers whenever we have guests.

I made new window valances

and throw pillows out of this pretty brown print. I also added new cording to the headboards, but it doesn't show up too well in the photos.

I had some reproduction travel posters, so I hung them above the chest holding the TV. I also found a lamp on clearance at Target and painted it blue. I like having a little television for guests to use, and I always keep some kind of chocolate on hand for guests.

Like my shutter project, the lamp involved spray-painting a blue base coat and then wiping on stain until I had a color I liked.

I still love these hatboxes that double as a chairside table, so I kept them.

I hung my shutters for another pop of blue. I love the way they look with postcards and photos tucked into them! I'll add more French postcards as I come across them.

Cost of updates:

Fabric for valances and pillows: $23.97
Cording for headboards: $24.50
Lamp: $9.08
Shutters: $3.00
Plates: $4.08

Total: $64.63

Having a special place to welcome friends and family: priceless.

How many blogging buddies could sleep comfortably here?

I'm joining these fun parties:


  1. Richella, I love this room. I love the look of twin beds in a room like that with the table in between. It is just perfect. Love that antique hutch or secretary that you have in there, too. Such a warm and welcoming space for your guests. Those blue shutters are the perfect extra added POP of blue. I can't believe you have college age kids!

  2. Can I come and stay ;-) I love your guest bedroom and love the thought of having two beds one day in mine, I think it's a great idea.

  3. You were right. Adding the green did make a big difference. It looks so cozy and its very practical to have the twin beds for a guest room. Love it!

  4. Wow! That looks sooo good Richella! I love the headboards and the new valances look GREAT! The hatboxes are lovely and the shutters are AWESOME!! Love them! And chocolate beside the bed? Yes, oh yes! That sounds wonderful! You better be careful or you'll have people lining up to visit.

  5. Did you say chocolate? I'm hopping on I-95 right now to head down your way. ;) I agree about the single beds...I don't mind having my own bed for a night or two. :) The room looks fabulous!

  6. Richella, it looks beautiful with the updates. Love the colors, feels so warm and inviting.

  7. What a pretty room! May I come for a visit?? Don't worry, I'll just stay in this pretty bedroom and read. Seriously, it looks great! I love the fabric you used for your new valence and pillow. A ceiling fan is a must in a bedroom here, too.

  8. Are you extending an invite? I'll come and stay there anytime!!! It is beautiful, warm, and welcoming. I love it!! I love the budget, too. That's how I roll! Blessings!!

  9. Beautiful room. Looks so inviting!

  10. I'm coming to visit! :) Everything looks great, Richella. It is very warm and inviting for sure.

  11. Gorgeous room! I've often wanted to switch to twin beds in my guest room, too. This is great inspiration.

  12. Gorgeous! I'll come test the new room out! :-) Haha! I used to live near Jacksonville, NC so I know how hot it can get in NC, I would have kept the fan too. I love the hat boxes & shutters, they add a real quaint touch to the room. :-) Beautiful job.

  13. This is a very warm and cozy room that any guest would be happy to stay in!
    I know I wouldn't mind twin beds for a couple nights; I sleep better by myself. Although it's not so bad now that we got a foam mattress...not as much jiggling when someone turns over.

  14. I love everything you do! Your home always looks so welcoming!! Love you girl!

  15. I missed this post! I love the twin beds. You are so creative. The bedding and valances all go so well together. Enjoyed looking.

  16. Lovely room, Richella!
    We too, have twin beds in our guest room!
    We love two beds for the same reasons--usually it is a college friend or single relative sleeping in there.
    Had to laugh, our room has a ceiling fan, too. Call us unfashionable if you like--it gets HOT in there!
    More postcards are on their way :)
    I forgot to mail them before Relevant, sorry!
    You lucky duck to have an attached bathroom for the guests!
    (The floor tile is divine!)
    I'd like to make a reservation to stay- right after Christmas?

  17. One of my favorite guest rooms so far! One day I will have a room like this with 2 twin beds - love it :) I'm a new follower!

  18. Richella this is a welcoming and beautiful room for your guests. I really like the idea of two beds. It looks very balanced and pretty. I love that the bathroom is connected as well. Great job and good prices too. The valances are gorgeous.

    Have a happy weekend!
    ~Melissa :)

  19. Oh, Richella. One of my favorite guest bedrooms! There are so many things I love about this room, I don't even know where to begin! It is one of my all-time favorite concepts to have twin beds in a guestroom. LOVE it! The colors you used, the materials. Dreamy!

  20. Really love that room - the twin beds make a lot of sense, and the whole room is so warm and inviting!

  21. LOVE the quest room!! I just think two twin beds look so awesome (I just need a bigger room HA!) Thank you for sharing :)

  22. I want to come stay there! I like your thoughts on the twin beds. I love, love the center table with the lamps and the mirror. So beautiful and inviting!

  23. Great guest room, Richella! It looks like you've thought of everything just like a good hostess should! : ) Wonderful job!

  24. This room is just beautiful.... I love the colors and the cozy feel of the vintage decor. I know what you mean about the chandeliers...I love the look, but it is just too hot in the South to give up those ceiling fans! ;o)

  25. HI Richella...........
    I am new to this blog.I like the design and furniture you adjust in the room.The looks so beautiful and full of glimpse.I gain some creative ideas by reading this post.......
    Thanks for this awesome post.


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