Thursday, October 14

Prayer warrior

I have a young friend who is a member of a Special Operations Force of the U.S. Army. He's just been deployed.

I was chatting with him a few days before he was shipped out. He asked me to pray for the other members of his unit, none of whom is a Christian. Then he said, "I want to get my mom one of those knee pads they make for gardeners. She's on her knees praying so much, I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself."

When I chuckled at this comment, my friend looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I'm serious."

I want to be like that.

To think that someday, when my boys are faced with difficulty, they could rest secure in the knowledge that I would be praying for them so diligently that I might hurt my knees?!

Dear Lord, let it be so. Please. Let it be so.


  1. Oh, to be a mom with faith like that!!!! All too often, I find myself looking for ways to *fix* situations on my own, rather than going to Him first.

  2. I just read a wonderful Christian fiction book by Charles Martin called "Wrapped In Rain" about two boys that were raised by such a woman. I wept through many of the scenes and I couldn't put it down. In the back of the book the author says that he had such a mother and what a difference it made.

    It is never too late for us to begin, is it?

  3. have you heard the song "rediscover you"? one line says "i want to pray like david prayed" and oh, it hits straight to my heart.

    so, your friend... i am sad that he doens't have anyone else who shares his faith while he is deployed. eric had one christian friend with him, and it made all the difference. will you send me your friend's name? i'd like to pray for his safety, but also for the others in his unit, too.

  4. Richella, oh I agree that is how I want to be! How precious that this young man had a concern for those who don't know Christ. What better concern to bring before the Father!

  5. Amen, we can all strive to be better prayer warriors instead of worriers! :-)

  6. What a blessed young man to have a mom like that! I want to be like her too, Richella! I have a ways to go before I even come close to calloused knees, but I hope that will be a concern soon.

  7. Amen!!
    May it be so for all of us mom's out here!
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  8. Thanks for the info


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