Monday, June 14

I love Paris in the springtime. . .

Not that I've ever been there in the fall, mind you, but it was pretty spectacular in May and early June. A few photos for those of you who have asked:

Notre Dame--love those flying buttresses

breathtaking stained glass at Sainte Chapelle

the Venus de Milo up close and personal at the Louvre

and the Mona Lisa not quite so close
(My husband had me turn my head to the right and my eyes to the left,
just like hers. What do you think?)

The Orangerie, a beautiful little gem of a museum,
where I just stood speechless at the sight of Monet's work.

a little bit of the gardens at Versailles
and a bit more

a shot of the Arc de triomphe at night

and one taken from the Arc de triomphe at night

A kind fellow tourist snapped this of the two of us.

Dear friends from church stayed at our house with our boys while we spent a week in Paris. I'm still pinching myself, wondering if it was just a dream after all.

Now please tell me: do you like to travel? Do you ever go on special trips for special occasions? What's your favorite place to visit?


  1. Oh, friend, thanks so much for sharing.....shall we call you Mona Richella?!
    I loved seeing the pics, and I hope to see some of the same things next year when we go, Lord willing! You'll have to email me any tips that you found helpful, info, etc.!


  2. Your trip looks like it was just dreamy! So romantic. We haven't been on a trip in awhile but I believe those times are very important.

  3. Paris is my favorite place in the world! I haven't been since I was 17...I'm 34 now. I would love to go back, but I don't love flying anymore. So, now my favorite vacation spots are Florida and I can reach by car :)

  4. Love the photos, Richella! When I was in Paris, they had scaffolding on most of the outside of the Notre Dame. You got some good shots. :)

    I LOVE to travel (without kids). LOVE it. But I seem to have married a "Grumpy Old Man." His idea of fun on a vacation is to nap. A lot. I like to go out and see everything. :)

    What a wonderful trip. :)

  5. i've never been... and today i enjoyed it through your photos. oh how magnificent were those stained glass windows?! and there you were oh-so-cute in your dress & shoes in Monet's garden :) but most of all i love those smiling faces by the eiffel tower. smiling and in love... and celebrating. that's the best part :)

  6. Awesome pictures Richella. As you know I grew up in England (lived there for 33 yrs before moving to the US) and I never got to Paris! I didn't mind traveling when I was younger but I find the older I get the more of a home body I am. I really don't care to travel anywhere! I don't like airports or flying that much now either.

  7. Photos are lovely...My favorite place was Tokyo and my next BIG vacation will be a Mediteranean Cruise

  8. Oh my the gardens at Versailles! How I would love to see those! Wonderful photos Richella. France is on my list of must go to places (my husband has Greece on his list). We're looking forward to traveling abroad once Savanna is done with college. In the mean time we take local trips - exploring the South!


  9. I've always wanted to go to Paris in the spring. How lovely.

  10. Richella what a dream vacation of a lifetime. I'm just thrilled for you two! Paris is truly stunning! You took some scenic photos and look like you are glowing with happiness. You are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day.
    ~Melissa :)

    PS Sorry about your toe. Owie!

  11. Lovely photos. *sigh* What a beautiful city. You are so lucky that you got to go. I hope someday I will too.

  12. Sigh, Sigh, and triple Sigh. This post made my heart go pitter-patter. : )

  13. Amazing pictures, my friend! What a fantastic trip you two must have had. I must say that you two make quite the couple....absolutely adorable!


  14. I love Paris, it's been a few years but I am definitely going back - last time I stayed across a bridge from Notre Dame, loved it!

  15. I love Paris in the fall...I love Paris in the summer...a wonderful old song, isn't it? I remember my mother singing it when I was young. Actually, I've only seen Paris in the summer and I did love it then. Your husband knows how to milk the beauty out of Paris and you in the same fell stroke! An excellent selection of Richella and Par-ee shot combinations. This blog is a lot more fun than your facebook page!

  16. Beautiful, just beautiful! I would be pinching myself too!

    I have been out of town so I am catching up on my blogs. Sorry for the last comments.

    We do travel. Never been out of the country but we go on a nice vacation every year and take our son who is 16 yrs. old. We want him to see what is out there too. This year is San Francisco, Yosemite, & Lake Tahoe. I am so excited. You know that I will be blogging about it too.

    Glad that you had a great time. The pictures are lovely.


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