Tuesday, June 15

Ain't nothing like the real thing

As I see it, the ideal with travel is for the traveler's horizons to be broadened, her world to be expanded, her sensibilities enlightened . . . and her heart turned toward home, where she enjoys a new appreciation for her life.

All too easily, the reality with travel is for the traveler to be so impressed with the beautiful and the exotic that she has difficulty appreciating the--well, the homeliness--of home.

On our anniversary trip, I stood inspired and enthralled by the grandeur of Notre Dame. I gasped in wonder at the loveliness of Sainte Chappelle. I marveled at the beauty of the chapel at Versailles.

And I came home to worship God in an elementary school gym.

No glorious stained glass windows. No awe-inspiring architecture. Nothing.

Nothing but the homeliness of love and kindness and acceptance and support. Nothing but family. Come to think of it, though, that's what church is. The family, not the building. Made beautiful by the presence of the Lord.

Those basketball goals never looked so good.


  1. Oh, how I sympathize with that. Still, there's something about your own bed, your own kitchen and couch, that makes coming home an occasion for praise. Don't you think?

  2. our old church had really cool stained glass windows... and oh how i loved them! and now... we worship in a middle school cafeteria with their bulldog mascot looking down over us. but it is... home. i so get it :)

  3. Choosing to worship Him and not the building is definitely a choice. You've expressed it beautifully.

  4. Right now our church doesn't have a building- God has provided a {get this!} martini bar for us to meet in on Sunday's & Wednesday's! God meets you where you are, wherever that is! THAT is a beautiful thing!

  5. Worshipping in such humble places is quite fitting, I think. Our Lord was born in a stable.

    You put it well. The lure and awe of the grand and exotic always has a less-than-positive effect on me once I return. I wish I was better at channeling that sort of longing toward Heaven.

  6. Love it!!! :)

    PS. I have that same photo. Except mine was taking with an OLD 35 mm camera that I didn't know how to use. :s

  7. Beautiful. So true. Love this post!

  8. Nothing but family... that is definitely the truth! That is what matters most! :)

    Stopping by from Chatting at the Sky!

  9. Hey, Richella, thank you so much for all the compliments on my new deck space, I am really loving it too.

    You are SO sweet to offer your covers to me & I would LOVE to have them. I'll be happy to pay you shipping or whatever you'd like cause I was going to try to find some on sale. This will be perfect for my deck & I can feel great having them protected over the winter.

    Thanks, friend!! You can email me and we'll get it set up: rhoda12@bellsouth.net

  10. ANd Oh, I just love your stained glass pics in this post. Beautiful!


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