Tuesday, June 29

Hello again

Hello friends! I've been out of touch for a week, and I've missed you.

Several people asked how my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. I'm happy to say that this is one occasion that we really did celebrate in a big way! Our marriage has been a journey full of ups and downs, highs and lows. We've persevered through the trials and we are so grateful to have made it to this milestone--so we celebrated!

Besides, I went to Party City recently to pick up a few things, and I noticed that they had a whole section of party goods devoted to 25th anniversaries. I told my husband that any event for which Party City has a dedicated section of merchandise is an event that's worth celebrating.

We went to Paris earlier this month in celebration of this anniversary, but we wanted to do something special on the day. But the day was on a Tuesday, and it just happened to be a day when my husband had to attend a meeting in Chicago. I decided that Anniversary #25 was just too much of a big deal for us not to be together, so I found a cheap airline ticket and flew up to Chicago to join him! I felt very sophisticated, jetting off to join my husband in the big city. Especially fun was going up to the desk at the hotel and saying, "My husband left a key for me."

This was the view from our hotel room:

And guess what? We were on the 25th floor. Room 2502, to be exact. How's that for a 25th anniversary? We had fun walking around the city, and we had a wonderful dinner together. Of course, I had to come home to regular old life the next day, but my day in the city was lots of fun.

So how about you? How do you celebrate special occasions?


  1. did you pack all of the party city stuff and take it to chicago?!

    i'm so glad you followed your heart (and husband!) to celebrate in chicago. being away feels like a celebrationa anyway, but being together on the day, on the 25th floor, can't possibly be beat :)

  2. That's too sweet! :) Like a romance movie!

    25 years, woohoo!!! :) We're on our 5th being married next year and our 10 years of being together too.. Goodness we were babies back then. LOL


  3. Whoops, it cut me off!

    Happy Anniversary! :)

  4. That's so cool!! We don't really do anything any more b/c there's just not any extra money and he's always at work. We'll be married for 9 years in August. I'd love to take a trip (maybe Alaska??) for 10, but that's just wishful thinking. :s

    Love that view!!!! Happy (late) Anniversary. :)

  5. We did Chicago also, last week for our 35th. A business trip also.. :) BUT a great hotel, a view like yours, great food, for 8 days ( & somebody else paid the bill :)
    ( we are going to do it right, with a big vacation this fall :)

  6. So what was the restaurant and what did you eat? Tinka and I did a mini celebration last night on the occasion of my completing our credit card acceptance security certification--are we looking for ways to celebrate or what!! So we did Thai food, Tinka went for her favorite sweet and sour tofu and I went for the Penang curry chicken. Mine was delicious, creamy and quite spicy, like I like it, but they didn't ask Tinka and so hers came with non-fried, raw tofu, which she doesn't care for and the sauce was thin and not very tasty so we will probably not be back to that Thai restaurant again. Then we got the kids and took them for a walk along the river, which was wonderful after we brought some complaining to an abrupt halt. A little romance later...a lovely evening. Unfortunately, today we got into a "discussion" about who should talk to an immodestly dressed woman about her attire in certain circumstances and that got a little heated? Any insights?

  7. Sounds like a great little getaway and how lucky with the 25th floor and room 2502. Glad that you had a great time.

  8. Sounds wonderful. I love to accompany my husband on some of his business trips. Time alone together is always nice. Happy 25 years! Carla

  9. Congrats on your 25th! How wonderful that you got to Paris to celebrate. I love Chicago, too--what a great view you had, and how perfect to be on the 25th floor, in room 2502! :)

  10. How fun! I lurve Chicago! : )

    For our 25th (10 years from now) we're either going on a cruise or going to Australia. : ) I can't wait.

  11. What a milestone! congratulations on this wonderful celebration. I read about your trip to Paris...what a dream come true. And the pics were amazing!

    What a fun little trip to the city. Did he know you were coming or was it a surprise? Either way....I'm sure it was perfection!



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