Friday, April 16

Springtime on the porch

I love porches. I love springtime. I love porches in the springtime.
I did not, however, love the way my porch was looking in the springtime:

Ick. Globs of pollen and a bonus dead bug.

Luckily, I remembered that I had purchased these on sale back in the height of flu season:

We never needed them for medical purposes, so I still had a full box. Believe me, these babies work like a charm for keeping pollen out of your nose while you dust and sweep and vacuum and wash away the pounds of yellow dust that have accumulated on your porch.

After all, when the view from the porch is looking like this:

you want to be out there enjoying it!

I especially love eating at the table on screened porch. One of my favorite centerpieces for that table is a pitcher of hydrangeas. My hydrangea bushes are growing beautifully, but it will be several more weeks before they produce flowers. I had some hydrangeas that I dried last year, but they'd lost all their color and looked sad. So I dug up some blue spray paint from my stash, and look!

Not fresh, but not bad for free!

How about you? Are you a porch person? Have you spiffed yours up for spring?


  1. I've just about given up on trying to clean up my back porch until the worst of pollen season is over with. I washed my car on Sunday and what a waste of time and $5 that was. I love spring, but this pollen is out of control!

  2. I wish I had a REAL front porch, but I have actually spruced up what I have. I have a back deck that is in NEED of painting. LOL

  3. And you have the most beautiful porch!!

  4. I love my front porch. I have not totally cleaned it off yet due to the continuing pollen. I did, however, blow it with the leaf blower yesterday. Big mistake! I needed one of your masks. I have been sneezing ever since! By the way, I love your idea of spray painting spent blooms! Carla

  5. What a beautiful view. I love a screened porch. I just have a patio, but it is time to clean it up and make it pretty. Your painted floweres are such a great idea. Looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  6. I can just picture myself leisurely sipping a cold lemonade as I cozy up in a rocker on my front porch. Too bad it's just in my imagination though. :)

    I don't have a front porch but I do have a back one. And I love to sit there early in the morning as the birds sing and the bunny rabbits search for food.


  7. I've been dreading going to clean off my screened in porch but I'm dying to get outside in it more. Love the hydrangeas!

  8. I love my porch...but it doesn't have any color yet. I am up north. (The pollen is not so bad here...your pollen is making the news!) I am ready for some color.
    Great idea for the Hydrangeas!

  9.'re telling me that I could've just painted my dried hydrangeas instead of throwing them out???? Where were you when I needed to know that???
    Well, I sure am glad I found you now because you never know what you will teach me next!

  10. I love your porch and your view! The pollen has been awful this year--your tip with the masks is a good one. :) If I had a place for a screened in porch, I'd love it. We love our deck, but the mosquitoes have been just horrible the past year or two. :(

  11. I for the first time ever have a lanai and I love it. I bought some pretty furniture and put it out there and am wanting to make it pretty. My kids want to use it as storage. I figure eventually the kids will grow up and move out and then i can just enjoy the porch on my own. for now my decor is a table and chairs, a recliner and bokes and scooters with helmet's and pads of course.

    Come check out my blog

  12. Hallo, Sweden here....

    I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  13. I love porches. I don't have one, however. :( I have a patio but it's not covered or anything. I am getting ready to spruce that up.

  14. I wish I had a screened in porch then I'd eat 'outside' a lot more often too. I always want to eat outdoors but often come back in because of bugs! Love the hydrangeas, they look real :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. My porch is yellow from all of the pollen. Yuck! I need to invest in some of those masks. It might encourage my husband to do some yard work since the pollen is his excuse not to do any! Cute idea with the hydrangeas. They are my favorite flowers!

  16. Clever! Never thought about giving dried Hydrangeas a shot of color. This season seems to have been worse than ever! Lovely's all worth it..isn't it?
    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. No porch here, but I could definitely use one of those masks to clean my house. These allergies are a pain.

  18. How very clever you are to spray paint your dried hydrangeas! I'll have to remember that this year. :)

    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog--thank you for stopping by! I see you are in we're kinda neighbors. :)

    I love that you have grammar posts here. May the writers of the Internet take notice--ha! :)

    I hope your weekend has been wonderful!

  19. I just moved some pots around and added some fresh tulips to the front porch. It's always fun to freshen it up!

  20. oh how i would love a real porch! here in florida i have to settle for a lanai :) i do love it! and i'd love to be sittin' on your porch with you :)

  21. I always inspired by you, your views and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Mark


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