Tuesday, April 20

Decorating Solutions

My friend Amanda from Serenity Now is quite a party-giver! And she's at it again, hosting one of her wonderful "Decorating Dilemmas and Solutions" parties. This one should be especially fun, since it's taking place on Amanda's birthday.

I want to share a few inexpensive decorating solutions I've found recently. Now that it's spring, I'll be hosting some fun gatherings at my house very soon. One is a bridal shower for a beautiful bride. I really wanted a plain white tablecloth for the shower, and I've struggled to find an affordable one that's big enough for my table. But one day I was in a local thrift store, and look what I found:

White linen drapery panels. Beautiful fabric, yards and yards of it. And just $5.00 per panel. I brought it home, washed it, cut off the drapery pleats, and hemmed the edges with hemming tape.

My new tablecloth has already been pressed into service, covering the altar table at church for Easter. (Unfortunately, it didn't get pressed before it got pressed into service, but that's life.)

Another upcoming party will be a casual dinner for lots of friends, with paper plates and plastic utensils. And look at this fun solution for holding the utensils:

Did you know that you can use chalk to write on terra cotta pots? I can just see these used for an herb garden. . . maybe four of them labeled "Parsley," "Sage," "Rosemary," and "Thyme." I saw this in a magazine--I'm pretty sure it was Country Living--and tried it for myself. It works!

The centerpiece for my porch table will include these hydrangeas. They're dried hydrangeas from last year. They had lost their color, so I spray-painted them!

Not a bad pick-me-up for free!

Amanda's party is a great place to share any decorating dilemmas you might have and get feedback from other bloggers. . . or to share any fun decorating solutions you've recently discovered. Visit Amanda to join the fun (or just to say "happy birthday")!

****Special announcement: I'll be hosting my VERY FIRST linky party on Wednesday, May 5! Please come back on Friday to read all about it!!****


  1. I love the terra cotta pots! Great idea!

  2. All wonderful ideas, especially spray painting the hydrangeas!!

  3. Great ideas! I can see your pots on a picnic table or on a party buffet table. I'm going to try to remember this idea!

  4. I'm impressed, Richella! I had no idea you could spray paint dried flowers...I would have never known! Good tips. :) Thanks for linking up, friend, and also for the bday wishes!

  5. Oh how neat Richella! I do love all of your solutions. Everything is gorgeous and very creative. :)

  6. Great solutions! I love the one about the drapery panels. And those pots are so cute with the silverware.


  7. I LOVE the flower pot idea! And I would have never thought to spray paint my flowers. Great tip. Thanks for dropping by. As soon as that limo EVAH shows up at my house...after my ride; I'll send them over to pick you up! ;-)

  8. Hey Richella! Thanks for stopping by! Is that a new photo on your blog? You look great!
    I love the chalk on terra cotta pots idea! I happen to have some sitting in my laundry room (no idea why garden pots would be in my laundry room, but- whatever!) and I just bought some plants today on a whim- thanks for the idea!

  9. Love your clever tablecloth, and I even like that it's not perfectly pressed for the Easter Altar. I think it was really beautiful! (good thing WE don't need to be perfect to be pressed into service, right?!) I am totally gonna steal your flower pot utensil idea this summer...having a car club bbq at our house. Great solutions!

  10. Oh my! Where have I been?? Chalk writes on terra cotta?? You are my hero!!

  11. I was a florist for six years-how did I not know about chalk on terra cotta pots! The possibilities..
    I am here from Serenity Now.
    -Mama E

  12. Hi Richella! Great fix on your wedding tablecloth! Tablecloths are SO EXPENSIVE. I find fun linens at Goodwill all the time. Curtains can be used to recover benches too! Great job!

    Love the little pots as well. I'm going to have to try the chalk idea; never thought of that!

    My "dilemma" link is not showing up on Amanda's party for some reason so check it out at my blog. I need help with my kitchen!


    Have a great day!

  13. I never thought to spray paint dried flowers - they look great!
    Thanks for all of the ideas :)

  14. How cute! I never thought of chalk on terra cotta, but it makes sense. And I would never guess that the hydrangeas are spray-painted...genius!

  15. terra cotta and chalk! genius!

  16. sorry Holly...I read your comment after I posted mine. great minds think alike? genius! lol


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