Wednesday, December 2

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

For every time of year, the smells are among my favorite things. That's especially true at Christmastime. You know the smell I mean, don't you? Evergreen and orange and cinnamon and clove all mingled into one wonderful fragrance.

Well, if you want a little more of that fragrance in your house, there's a company I can recommend to you: Aromatique. Headquartered in Heber Springs, Arkansas (my husband's home state!), Aromatique creates some of the most beautiful fragranced products you'll find anywhere. You can go to to read all about it, or you can just take my word for it and look for these products:

Refresher oils. Inside the boxes are these cute little hard-for-me-to-photograph bottles:

Not much in volume--just .5 fluid ounce per bottle--but so much fragrance! "Smell of the Tree" smells just like--well, you know. The tree. Honestly. I've tried lots of fragrances, but this one tops the list in my book. It smells just like a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Now, I know a lot of you have artificial trees. . . but don't you wish those boughs smelled like a real tree? Now they can. Drop some of this refresher oil onto a few branches.

And then, my favorite: "The Smell of Christmas." Mmmmm. Just exactly the way you want Christmas to smell. Put a few drops of this oil in water and simmer on the stovetop. You'll soon have the fragrance of Christmas wafting through the house. (Just be careful not to spill any near an open flame!) Or rub some oil onto cinnamon sticks, tie a bundle with a jaunty bow, and look:

Such a cute little decoration for a bookshelf or desktop. Maybe a fun treat for a teacher's desk.

Or use short cinnamon sticks, rub some oil onto them, and tie up into a cute little woodland ornament for the Christmas tree.

The folks at Aromatique have never heard of me, so I'm certainly not getting anything to promote this product. But I think you'll love it. And a little $9 bottle of oil goes a long way, so it's an affordable indulgence.

What's your favorite Christmas smell?


  1. Richella,
    I am constantly amazed at all the things we have in common! My husband insists on sausage balls around the holidays too. It is funny what becomes a tradition. I'm glad they are so easy to fix!
    I love the Aromatique (sp?) scents too. My favorite is their fall candle. It's the best smell ever! I'll have to go get me some of the Christmas scents.
    Hope you are doing well, friend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciated your visit. Cinnamon is my favorite holiday smell! I buy the cinnamon pinecones and if that isn't enough, I simmer cinnamon, orange peels and cloves on my burner. I also love cedar for the holidays, and enjoy cutting fresh boughs for my home.

  3. My favorite is by Claire Burke. It's called 'Applejack and Peel'. The store where I work quit selling it last year. I stocked up before we sold out. I'm glad because I can't find it anywhere. They might have went out of business. I hope not. I like aromatique too. I love Mulberry scent by 'Naturescent'. It's Arkansas too.

  4. Mmmmm I love the scents of Christmas as well. My favorites are "winter spice" varieties, gingerbread and "Christmas tree" smells. I am buying candles this week. Can't wait! :)

  5. Lovely story about your son...What a blessing....maybe he'll become a chef!

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