Friday, December 18

Catching up

Hallelujah! It's the last day of school!

My kids have been taking final exams this week. Those are finally over, thank goodness. Today is a half-day for them, and then they'll have the fun of being out of school for Christmas break.

Last night we hosted a Christmas party--a White Christmas party, to be specific. We had friends from church over to watch the 1954 classic White Christmas. I have to say, any movie starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney is going to be fine with me, but White Christmas. . . well, it's special. Irving Berlin wrote the song "White Christmas" for the World War II era movie Holiday Inn, which is another favorite of mine. Holiday Inn stars Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. After the song "White Christmas" became such a Christmas favorite, a movie was written around it. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend that you rent it. Now. You'll be grinning from ear to ear as you watch it. Lots of schmaltz and lots of heart.

Here's how our house looked as guests arrived last night:

So what have you been doing this week?


  1. Your house is so beautiful! I haven't been festive at all! I'm packing up to move in a couple of weeks.

  2. Sounds like a lovely party. It's our last day of school too, we got out super early today, actually I took Kristen in as usual at 7.30, they started their 'party' at 8am with breakfast tacos, donuts, fruit etc, did a craft and a book exchange and we left about 9.30am! Most of the other kids have to stay (especially if their parents work) but they are just watching movies and having hot chocolate this afternoon so Kristen didn't miss any lessons. We're home and decorating our gingerbread house today :)

  3. Your house looks lovely!! What a great theme for your party!

  4. I love your front door and your beautiful lights. I am in the same boat as Cottage Dreamers...we just moved 5 weeks ago and I haven't been in the Christmas spirit either. No tree for us this year. The first time in 18 yrs. of marriage. I think I deserve to have the year off. I went all out last year because we had family coming in from Texas and I knew that it would be the last Christmas in our home in Florida. I will make up for it next year. Merry Christmas.

  5. Richella, your house is so pretty! It makes me want to come on in, drink cocoa, and watch old holiday movies {which I'm going to have to check out.}

    And let me just say that it's simply not possible you will be having your silver anniversary this year! I've seen you in real life and I'm thinking you must have married at the age of 15. ; )

    Enjoy a blessed Christmas with your boys all together and at home. {And thank you for the sweet reminder to enjoy my's the little things I take for granted as a mom to still little ones.}

  6. Richella, "White Christmas" is my FAV movie. Watched it a few days ago and just enjoy all the sweetness. yay!

  7. Richella, that is SUCH a cool idea!!! :) White Christmas and Holiday Inn are two of my favorite Christmas movies. :) Your home looks lovely...ready to receive your guests in style. ;)


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