Friday, October 30

Small lessons

My 12-year-old son is a very sociable guy. In particular, he loves a great party. In fact, he loves to give parties. No need for a birthday--he just likes to have his friends come over to eat, to play, to hang out.

He asked to have a Halloween party this year, but because of other calendar commitments the closest date we could get to Halloween was October 23. Luckily, October 23 was a half-day of school for him and his friends. So last Friday, a dozen seventh-grade boys spent the afternoon at our house, eating and playing and hanging out.

Here's something I learned from trying to make this party a memorable time for the boys: If you want cupcakes with lovely cantaloupe-colored frosting, use a Halloween "Funfetti" cake mix and frosting.

If, however, you want spooky-looking orange cupcakes, try something else. Trust me.

And here's something else I learned: seventh grade boys don't really care what color the frosting is.


  1. LOL... grown men don't care what color the frosting is either or what it looks like... ~
    I think it is neat that your son likes to give parties!

  2. I think my dd would agree... who cares the color! I'll be making some this week and thought to add green cos I have little black bats to go on them, it's probably gonna turn a pretty pastel shade, but I know they won't care ;)

  3. I think only moms care about the color, and if that color stains! I have some of the funfetti halloween cake mix for cupcakes tomorrow. We will see how long they last.

  4. I made 5 doz, yes, 5 doz funfetti cupcakes with that same icing. I loved the color but you're right, not a bright Halloween orange. They turned out great.

    I love that your son wants to share his home with his friends. My two kids were the same way. We were the house where all the kids congregated (maybe it was because I was the cupcake mom!) What fun and wonderful memories were made. It's great that you are doing this for your son too! It's alot of work but it's worth it don't you think!


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