Tuesday, September 22

Touched by kindness

photos courtesy of LegoLee's Reviews

Last week I wrote about how my son taught me to have a better perspective. He told me that I should celebrate having 100 followers, but I shrugged it off, saying that 100 followers wasn't really that many. He showed me that I was looking at things incorrectly, and that 100 followers was indeed very many, considering that he has only one follower on his blog. He corrected me, and he was right.

What surprised me was how many of you responded to this post with such kindness. But I shouldn't have been surprised: kindness and generosity are the hallmarks of our blogging community. There's something about the relationships we form via blogging that brings out the best in us. Don't you think? Isn't it refreshing?

In response to questions from several of you, here's a link to my son's blog. His name is Lee, and his blog is all about Legos, so the name of his blog is LegoLee's Reviews. He would be honored and thrilled to have any of your sons or daughters or young friends read his blog. And I'm thrilled at the prospect of other people reading his blog as well. Lee doesn't like to write, but I explained to him that if he wants other people to read his blog, he really needs to try to make his writing readable. So he's trying to write in complete sentences, use correct punctuation, spell his words correctly--the very things that he doesn't like to do in school. All those comments from his teachers--"Be sure to proofread your work, Lee," "Correct your punctuation, Lee," "This paragraph doesn't flow, Lee"--those comments never did motivate him to want to make his writing better. I'm betting that comments from kids reading his blog might be a bit more inspiring.

So thank you, my kind friends. Thank you for your kindness in asking about my son's blog. Thank you for caring. Thank you for making up this wonderful blogging community. I am so grateful to be one of you.

--Unwrapped with Emily at Chatting at the Sky


  1. Aww, how sweet....I hope he continues to build his blog and his followers! An aspiring Lego engineer, no doubt!! :)


  2. richella,
    i told cam about your son's blog last week and he will be thrilled to pop on over and read it!
    but perhaps you have offered yet another gift. my son, like yours, does not like to write. he struggles with the act of writing, although his imagination is wild! maybe this might be just the thing for my sweet son, as well.
    thank you... for sharing a piece of yourself by sharing your son and your heart!

  3. My 10 year old son LOVES legos and started his own website...but he has left it languishing lately. I'll be sure to send him over and they can geek out together :o)

  4. yay! we'll be sure to check it out. And how great would this be if it gets your son motivated to work on his writing! It all comes together. :)

  5. That is so cool. So very cool. Good for your son, and good for you. :)

  6. Richella,

    I will show my son (just turned 13) your sons blog tonight. My son is a huge Lego fan also. He started a blog, but he hasn't really posted much at all. Maybe this will encourage him---he doesn't like to write either. : )

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  8. I deleted my first comment because my smiley face didn't turn out the way I wanted! I said that I'm so glad you posted Lee's link! I know Kiddo will want to read his blog. And I especially like his name.

    ; )

  9. Hi Richella,

    Thanks for posting on my blog today! I'm glad to take a trip over to yours -- I really enjoyed your post today. You are right...I'm a newbie in the blogging world, but I am noticing the kindness and generosity in the blogging community...like the fact that I got 8 wonderful comments today. That's a record for me!

    Thanks again...I'll be back here again.

  10. So sweet! Yes, those rough and tumble boys of ours really know how to put things in perspective.

    You know I have some HUGE lego fans at my house, so I'll have to show them your son's blog. they will think that is soooo cool!

    Love you

  11. Richella, would you or your son mind if I write a little post on my writing blog directing others to his blog? I love to encourage kids to write, especially those who don't care for it. Plus, I would love to get the word out about his Lego blog for kids that might want to know about it.

  12. Kids have such wonderful insights.

  13. I'll be sure to pass on your son's blog to some of the boys at church! And I love that you're encouraging your son to develop his writing skills by writing about what he loves. :)


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