Monday, July 20

Cleaning out

As I said in my last post, my family and I are currently putting forth a Herculean effort at cleaning out and de-cluttering. We're trying to see just how much we can get done in two weeks' time.

I am trying to maintain a cheerful attitude about this. Trying to keep the goal in mind. Trying to envision a simpler, more beautiful home and life. Not always succeeding, but trying.

Today I made a trip to a Community Recycling Center. I don't do this very often. We have curbside recycling here in Durham, and that is usually sufficient to my recycling needs. But the pile of corrugated cardboard in my garage had grown too big for curbside pick-up, so I packed it up and hauled it off. After I had already put a number of boxes into the container, it occurred to me to snap a photo of the boxes I was submitting for recycling. Here it is. Mind you, this was taken only after I'd already deposited a number of boxes.

Legoland North Carolina. That's where I live.

There's a name for the love of Legos that my boys have had: Legomania. They've mostly outgrown it now, so it's a little bittersweet to clean up the Legos.

There's also a name for keeping this many empty Lego boxes in the attic: Insanity. Working on the cure here. Working on the cure.

I think we could use some more Funfetti cookies.


  1. haha! we have our own legomania down here in florida! gosh does my son love legos. he has two HUGE bins... and a couple small ones, and every time a new series comes out, he is in love all over again. we don't keep the boxes... just the instructions. but he doesn't really use those after the first time. he is my lego kid :)

  2. My brothers were lego-manias when they were younger and my mom is holding onto all of the legos for my boys to inherit when they're a tad bit older! I am so excited for them :) (and excited for myself... it'll be nice to have an "excuse" to play legos again!!)

    The candle you sent arrived today - THANK YOU!! I will show it to my husband tonight and see what he thinks - I think he'll like it tho!! :) Thank you for your generosity!

  3. Good for you Richella! I've been trying to get rid of things I no longer use. What has become a problem for me is ...too many books. I'm starting to use my Kindle to save room. But I sold some of the books online and gave away many too.

  4. My boys were sitting by me when I was reading this post. . .they have Legomania as well and were drooling over all the Starwars Lego boxes! We are getting ready to have two Lego Starwars birthday parties! One for our soon to be 6 year old and one for our soon to be 10 year old!

    Be Blessed!


  5. I found your blog from "The Nester". She and I go way back (okay, not really). But I do love her blog and now I love yours. I too have 3 boys, but must say I am a little jealous of all the red hair! I am married to a red head, but didn't get any red-headed boys. Which I wanted very badly. I guess I'll have to wait for red-headed grandsons! Grace and Peace, Denise

  6. I am in the process of cleaning out and decluttering also. By the way I live in Durham as well.

  7. Branch #3 of Legomania is here in Chicagoland. Alan-8 keeps his StarWars sets together so we had to make a special 5 shelf bookcase for them. We also have all the boxes which he insists he "must keep." We buy bags of misc pieces at yard sales and resale shops; I love to see the ships and droids he creates. I have a feeling I will miss this stage the most when he is grown.


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