Wednesday, July 1

An act of God

It strikes me as unfortunate that we use the term "act of God" to refer to catastrophe. Have you ever read a property and casualty insurance policy? It may state that the insurance does not cover losses from hurricanes, or tornadoes, or high winds, or other "acts of God."
Today I want to tell you about a little "act of God": an answer to a little prayer.
Last week I attended the Renovare' International Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Renovare' is an organization dedicated to Christian spiritual formation, dedicated to helping folks in the journey of becoming like Jesus. I love this. I am so grateful to God for the chance to become more like Jesus--to be changed from the inside out, transformed by His grace into the likeness of His son. (If you'd like to know more about Renovare', check out the website. Or email me with any questions.)
Anyway, the Renovare' International Conference was wonderful. I could feel my heart and soul expand with joy from being there.
Unfortunately, my brain doesn't always keep pace with my heart and soul. And my not-so-full-brained self lost my computer on the trip home. I got to Durham, unpacked a few things, and discovered that my computer was missing.
So I prayed. I was by this time exhausted, so my prayer was simple: "Lord, you know when a sparrow falls, so I'm sure you know where my computer is. Would you tell me, God?" The next day, I had lunch with a friend, and she boldly asked God to get my computer back to me.

Well, guess what the FedEx man brought to my house today? Here I sit at my computer, thanking God for His goodness, thanking God that He cares enough about me and my everyday life to help me find my computer. (You might like to know that, after I prayed, I "saw" myself in the security line at the San Antonio airport, putting my computer into its own separate bin. I called a TSA representative in San Antonio to ask if they had my computer. They did not. But get this: the TSA representative asked me to describe myself and to tell him when I had come through the airport. He then reviewed the security video until he located me, and he watched the feed to see what I had done with my computer. He could see that I had walked away from the security line with my computer in my hand and then walked into a gift shop. He put me in touch with the gift shop and with Airport Police. My computer was Item #735 in police custody.)

And so my episode of absent-mindedness led to an act of God. Not a big Act of God--nothing that warrants a newspaper headline. But one of those small, routine things that God does every day, as He loves and cares for His people. Those He rescues from the sometimes treacherous paths of our everyday lives. Those people who "in Him live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). People like you and me.

Oh, Savior, my Redeemer,
What can I but adore,
And magnify and praise Thee
And love Thee evermore?

(Frances R. Havergal, "Is It for Me?")


  1. Wow!
    I love it!

    You have such a beautiful way of looking at things

    I look forward every day to "acts of God"

    How awesome is that?

    Oh and I am so glad He found your computer~

  2. I say Wow! too. I got chills reading this story. I always hear people say this or that was an Act of God and I always wonder what they would say under different circumstances. I loved your 'simple' prayer, it just shows that He listens to them all. 'Little prayers for little things fly Heavenward on little wings..."

  3. That is a great story! I love how much God cares about the "little" things. And to think they were able to track you on a security camera to see where the computer had gone. Amazing!

  4. i love this... i love that you got your computer back... and i love that you relied on God! certainly is the way to go!

  5. I'm so glad that your computer was found. What a wonderful answer to prayer.

    I also wanted to tell you that I loved your chair makeover below. It looks fabulous. Love the shape of the chair too--the white paint really defines the shape.

  6. thank you for posting encouraging. I have thought the same thoughts before about "an act of God". Sometimes everyone just veiws them as negative results and not all the positive ones He does over and over. Thanks for boosting my faith again!!

  7. What a beautiful post Richella. Thank you so much for reminding me of those everyday acts of God. Simple...but so very true!


  8. a beautiful testimony about the goodness of God. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  9. Oh, I loved this post! Another story of the 'Tender Mercies' of the Lord!
    Thank you so much for joining our family in prayer in behalf of our mother. Things went so much better than expected...all because of the prayers of many. : )

  10. Amen. Don't you just know God whispered to your heart so you could see yourself in line and then whispered in the airline employee's so he'd actually want to review those tapes for you. I bet that is most unusual behavior. He does work in mysterious ways. I needed reminding that His eye is on the sparrow and most definitely, His eye is on me!

  11. I love it when God sends us "kisses" for His children like that! I've had those times, too, and they amaze me each and every time!

  12. What a great story!

    I just wanted to say hi, I'm stopping in from Amanda's blog.

  13. OH, I Love this story. Yes, God does care and CAN orchestrate whatever He wants, can HE not??? Oh, that is remarkable....goes right up there in MY headlines for sure! So,so glad you recovered your lap top. this is a great example of when a security tape of knowing exactly where you were and what you were doing paid off! It's nice to know the airport officials turned out to be so nice!
    Thanks for sharing.


  14. What a beautiful post! I am so glad you shared this with us! thanks!

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