Thursday, March 8

Meet Richella

"R-i-c-h-e-l-l-a." If I had a dollar for every time I've spelled my name, I'd have a nice little retirement account all funded.

So first, my name. My mother's brother's name is Richard, and my mother wanted to name a child after her brother. My mom liked the name "Michelle," but I guess "Richelle" wasn't quite enough for her. So she added an "a" and came up with my name, pronounced rih-shell'-uh. Kind of like Michelle, only fancier.

Twenty-five years ago I was a young mom with three little red-headed boys, living in a small town and doing my best to make a home for my husband and kids.

Since then, among other things, I've moved five times; worked with my husband through a career shift and five job changes; raised and educated my children; buried my mother and my father-in-law; helped to plant a church; cared for both my husband and children through six major surgeries in five years; joined the Board of Trustees of Renovar√©, where I now serve as Board Chair; written a small book on spiritual formation; and written a book for InterVarsity Press: Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison. 

And boy, have I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

I'm not such a young mom any more, and my boys are grown now. But I'm still doing my best to make a home for my family—only now I do it with a little less perfectionism, a little more perspective, and a lot more assurance of the goodness of God. 

This blog is my place to share what I've learned and what I'm learning.

My husband took this picture of me. I like photos of myself wearing sunglasses. They're the ones where you can't tell that my eyes are closed.

I also like pictures of just the top half of my body.  They're the ones where you can't see my birthmark.  But I'm learning to deal with that, too.

As for my blog name, I got to pick that one out for myself. I've always been very verbal, and in recent years I've realized that many times in my life I've used words in ways that I'm now ashamed of. I've spoken with harshness, with judgment, with meanness. I wanted to change that, and I was inspired by a verse from the Bible: "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good. . . that it may impart grace to the hearers" (Ephesians 4:29). I liked the idea of trying to impart grace with my words, so I took Imparting Grace as my title--and my goal.

Want to know a little more about me?  

Here's a peek at my home:

Click here to read all about it.

And here's a look at what's in my heart:

Click here to read more.

I'd be so honored for you to join me in my journey here!

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  1. Love your new background and format.

  2. I came over to visit you from The Nester. I love your picture; you look so pretty and relaxed too. You have the most important thing in life; a relationship with the Lord Jesus. And of course, family is so important. I'll be back to check out your blog. I love to read blogs too and learn about others.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! MY father's name is Richard and my mother's name is Luella!! Do you believe me? It's true!! They live in Story City, Iowa! Crazy! ;)

  4. oops, silly me, I wasn't logged on the last time I commented here (about my parents having the same names as yours) Now you can put a face to a comment. ;)

    heidi @ wonder woman wannabe

  5. I just stopped by to take a peek but now I am sure I will be back.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your words are wonderful -- I too like pictures of me with sunglasses because I always have my eyes closed!

    Your picture makes me MISS the beach! I grew up 3 hours from the ocean, so my family were often visitors! Thanks for sharing a breath of salty air!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your name...unique names ROCK! I still get the "Sabrina, like the witch, right?". Ugh. Oh and I named my son Lanham (LAN-um) and have to spell it daily.

  8. I think the whole reason I started my blog was to try to share what I think God is teaching me. It's only been a few months now, but it seems to make the lessons I'm learning hit home even more for me. I look forward to checking into to see what you are learning, too! BTW, I love your front porch!

  9. So nice to meet you!

    I'm the mom of 5 sons! I also lost my mom, (best friend), and father.

    I'm taking care of one son who's been through 2 brain surgeries.

    Life is such a journey!!

    Praise God for His AMAZING grace!!

    I'll be back~

  10. I have three sons too! Only one has red hair though, but the oldest has a reddish beard. They are 23, 20 (almost 21) and 17. No surgeries but three Marine deployments.

  11. I just found you today and am happy to have done so.


  12. After reading some of your "faith" posts, I wanted to tell you how blessed I am by your insight. I hunger for this kind of edification from other's not easy to come by. Thanks so much for sharing your life on blogger.

    p.s. neat idea for a cookie tin!

  13. I just got tears in my eyes reading this. I'm a bit like you, I think...except you're a little bit further in the journey. I'm at the point where I'm learning some of those things you're wanting to share.

    I've got a full plate - husband, three kids (10,8 and 7 - a girl sandwiched b/w two boys!) and though I don't think I could ever have the patience to homeschool (unless God gave it to me!), I work two business from home and try to get everything running smoothly. You can figure that doesn't always happen. ;)

    I'm really looking forward to the good things I just know I'll find on your blog. :)

  14. I just stumbled onto your pillow making. They are very nice. But wouldn't it have been easier to sew the buttons on by the sewing machine?
    Before you put front and back together. Odd or costume buttons also make for a different look and adds character. Love your title "Imparting Grace".

  15. Reading your story reminds me of my story. The paths we're on take expected and unexpected turns, usually with different results than we're anticipating. But, I'm grateful we have a good God who stands with us and guides us through the ups and downs, twists and turns.
    It's a please to make your acquaintance Richella!
    God bless.

  16. Hi! I can so relate to your About Me page. I find myself in a very similar position - only I have a few daughters and only one son ;) I blog over at and love to find other "middle-aged" moms (dare I say that?!?) that are blogging! :) I feel like life has taught me SO much that I just have to share it. I, too, want to use words wisely instead of unwisely (also a challenge for me!) Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  17. I love your name!!

    I read a few posts in your blog and you have a blessed husband! What a sexy thing for a husband to do to get his own pop art of his wife!! Congrats!

    On another note, I would love to see your beautiful rooms messy. Just to keep it real! :)


  19. I think you are a brave, intelligent and beautiful woman, I am glad to read your blog, benefit, I will continue to concern.

  20. Hello Richella I am Richetta R-i-c-h-e-t-t-a...and I some feel your name spelling... Nice blog.

  21. Hi! I'm so happy to have found your lovely blog. =) Looking forward to reading along. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  22. Hi Richella! I am glad to find your blog. You are so genuine in sharing about yourself. Looking forward to read more of your blog posts.


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