Wednesday, May 13

Back again

All right, already. I started a blog, I posted a few times. My life interfered in major ways; I stopped blogging. Then I decided that I wanted to start again. But I didn't do it. I said I wanted to do it, but I didn't do it.

Isn't that always the way?

There are so many things that we're going to get around to. Sometime. And yet we never actually do them. Years ago I knew a man who would give out circular wooden coins stamped with the letters "TUIT." When folks inevitably asked what the coin was for, he'd answer, "You say that you'll do something when you get around to it. Well, now you've got a round tuit."

I've got a round tuit. I've got an easy button. I've got a pair of Nikes. What I haven't had is the actual intention to do it.

One of my favorite authors, Dallas Willard, speaks of needing to have three things: Vision, Intention, and Means. For anything worthwhile, we need to envision what we might do, we need to have the intention to do it, and we need the means to carry it out. So now I have a vision: I want to write a blog that will be a means of imparting grace to people. I have the means: thanks to Blogger, I can publish things right here from my very own computer. What I've lacked is the intention actually to carry it out.

So I'm mustering my will, girding up my loins about me, and I'm going to do it. Finally, I have what I've lacked: the intention to do it. Stay tuned.


  1. Richella? MY Richella? I'm so glad to know that you are here! Yippie!

  2. Oh, yes, Nester. Yours if you'll have me.



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