Monday, September 23

I need your help!

Friends, I've been here at Imparting Grace for many years. During that time y'all have helped me with so many things—you've offered encouragement, advice, prayers, even challenges when I needed them.

Today I'm asking for a different kind of help.

If you've spent any time here in the past couple of years, you know that I've written a book for InterVarsity Press. Well, it's now time for Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison to launch into the world!

I confess that I'm really excited about this book launch, and also slightly terrified. But one thing I know absolutely for sure: I can't do it alone. So today I'm asking if you would be willing to help me.

This week I am putting together a "Launch Team." (Doesn't that sound like something from the Space Age?) It's nothing formal or fancy—it's just a group of people who are willing to go ahead and read my book and share it with others. The one requirement for membership is that you have a Facebook account, simply because a closed Facebook group will be where we meet. For the most part, I'll be asking Launch Team members to do little things like liking and sharing posts on social media. And I hope members will post an honest review the book if they can.

If you'd like to know why I wrote this book, watch this little video:

I struggled with comparison long, long before social media, so by the time Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest came along, I was badly in need of help. I'm so grateful that I found it, and I'm thrilled to get to share the message.

If you'd like to read more about the book, including the table of contents and endorsements, you can visit the InterVarsity Press website here. You can even read the whole first chapter!

Would you be interested in serving on the Launch Team? If so, please leave a comment here or email me (richellap (at) gmail (dot) com). I can give you more information or sign you up!

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