Monday, August 28

Steadfast God

Like many of you, I spent a lot of the weekend glued to the news from Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Hurricane Harvey, now Tropical Storm Harvey, is wreaking havoc along the Texas Gulf Coast, as it hovers there. The massive storm gathers moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and dumps it inland, causing what may be the worst flood disaster in United States history.

One of my dearest friends lives in Houston, close to one of the bayous. She texted me yesterday that the firemen who evacuated everyone on her street put a lifejacket on her as they walked her out; the water was already 8 inches above her knees and running with a strong current.

This situation is frightening.

One of the most heartwarming things I saw on the news was that the emergency authorities in Houston asked for civilian help. Ordinary citizens got out their motorboats, fishing boats, rowboats, kayaks—anything that would float—and helped to rescue their neighbors. Thoughts of Dunkirk flitted through my mind as I watched. No differences of belief, opinion, or politics separated folks in Houston yesterday.

When I wasn't watching the news yesterday, I was at church, where we sang "Steadfast" by Sandra McCracken. I'm still clinging to the words today.

I will build my house
Whether storm or drought
On the rock that does not move
I will set my hope
In your love, O Lord,
And your faithfulness will prove
You are steadfast, steadfast

By the word you spoke
All the starry host
Are called out by name each night
In your watchful care
I will rest secure
As you lead us with your light
You are steadfast, steadfast

I will not trust
In the strength of kings
On your promise I will stand
I will shout for joy
I will will raise my voice
Hallelujah to the Lamb!
You are steadfast, steadfast

In the moment of emptiness
All was fulfilled
In the hour of darkness
Your light was revealed
In the presence of death
Your life was affirmed
In the absence of holiness
You are still God

You are steadfast, steadfast
You are steadfast, steadfast

Are you in a precarious place today? Not all floodwaters make the news, of course, but God's steadfastness is the answer we're all seeking.

Click on the video below to hear Sandra McCracken sing it. Then sing along.

God bless us, everyone.


  1. Like you I have been glued to the TV and feeling helpless about these people in Houston. The damage is unfathomable. I hope and pray that the rain stops and that these poor people get the help they need.

  2. Such a great song and like you, I am praying.

  3. So well said. It is so sad here in Texas.

  4. Great post Richella. So much loss; we know a family who have lost their home, so will be moving back to Colorado. So many kind people are helping too.
    Prayer is needed for those folks.


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