Wednesday, February 4

Prayer for a midwinter day

At this point of the year, many of us are tiring of winter.  The cheery holiday season is long since past, and spring seems very far away.  Some of us are buried in snow and ice.  Leaden skies and gray landscapes do little to lift our spirits.

But I'm convinced that there is value for our souls in all four seasons.  I ran across this bit of a poem about the seasons that helped me re-think winter: to welcome it as a respite from the bustling busyness of other parts of the year.  

When Winter bars the woods and streams,
When flowers are lost in happy dreams,
     When brooks are dumb and winds are loud,
     And earth puts on her snowy shroud--
In home's pure pleasures may'st thou find
True solace for both heart and mind.
     The firelight's glow, the welcome guest,
     The well-told tale, the merry jest,
The sunshine glad of loving looks,
The fine companionship of books;
     May these inspire such full content
     As makes a joy of banishment.

And I pray:  Lord, help us to fashion our homes so that we enjoy every season You created and learn more of Your goodness and grace.

How do you tend to your soul's needs on gloomy days?


  1. Thanks for this! There really are so many reasons to appreciate and be thankful for winter if we think about it. The poem you've chosen tells it all!

  2. This has been on my mind; I wrote a similar post too :). I love this poem you've shared. It is truly inspiring. I hope you enjoy the rest of winter Richella!

  3. Richella ~
    I love your poem. A cup of hot tea, a warm fire, wrapped in a blanket and a good book is always the cure for my winter blues. And of course reading inspirational posts like yours is topping on the cake.
    Thank you for be a part of this day.

  4. Just beautiful Richella! I needed to read this today!

  5. I have so much trouble seeing the joy when I get to February so thank you for this.
    I need to sit in that chair.
    Can I come over?

  6. I also needed to read this. Winter in our neck of the woods is brutal....this year is no exception. So I appreciate this poem more than you know and will try harder to appreciate this season. Thanks for sharing


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