Tuesday, August 28

Easy, inexpensive flower vase

I enjoy giving fresh flowers to friends.  Pretty much every woman I know enjoys receiving flowers; presenting flowers to a loved one is a real joy for me.

Some flowers I grow myself; others I buy at the grocery store.  One of my favorite ways to present them is super-easy and nearly free:

Here's how to make this simple burlap flower vase for yourself.

Start with a jar (I think this one originally held pickles).  Cut a scrap of burlap to fit around the outside of the jar, including a little extra for the circumference.

Using a glue gun, glue the burlap scrap to the outside of the jar.  Careful not to burn your fingers--hot glue seeps right through burlap!  Fold over the final edge to form a neat seam.

If you like, slip a rubber band around the jar for extra holding power.

Cover the rubber band with ribbon, raffia, twine--whatever you like!  These flowers were for a friend who likes a touch of black, so I added some black ribbon I had on hand.

Cut your fresh flowers to show just above the top of the vase.  Strip off greenery that will be below the water line.  Fill your vase with fresh water and add a couple of drops of bleach (this will help your flowers stay fresh longer).

Voila!  Quick, easy, and nearly free--and so pretty!

Got an idea of an inexpensive container for fresh flowers?  Please share!

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  1. you are so clever!!! i love that look!

  2. Love this simple but elegant idea! Come link up to Centerpiece Wed and share your idea and enter my giveaway

  3. Brilliant! I just love the burlap. :) Very classy looking--like Kathy says, simple, but elegant. :)

  4. That does look very nice with the burlap and bow. A few weeks ago we put up the niftiest spice racks in the pantry. In the process I went through and tossed some of the old spices. I kept the cute little tiny jars though. Today we pulled sunflowers that were growing in the field near our house and the sunflowers look so cute in the tiny jar. They would make adorable little gifts for friends.

  5. This is so cute! Thanks for the idea, Richella....Christine


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