Wednesday, August 19

Mixed emotions

How are you supposed to feel when you take your oldest child to college?

a) proud
b) bereft
c) excited
d) sad
e) all of the above

I think the answer is E.


  1. I saw this in my reader and clicked over to read more! I guess you aren't ready for words yet. Yes, you should feel all those things. It is a bittersweet time, for sure. But also evidence of the wonderful foundation you have provided. It's a new season!

    On another note... are you at all tempted to go to the women's conference down here that Emily wrote about today??? It just down the road from me... you could spend the night if you came.... And I LOVED the comment you left her about her book project. You are just the sweetest!!! Blessings!

  2. gosh... "e" has to be the answer. sending a prayer your way while you are figuring out how to juggle all of those emotions.

  3. Does it seem like just yesterday you were bringing him home from the hospital and showing off your "new bundle of joy"? For you it's yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, but for him it's tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! May God grant you the vision of your son's tomorrows and hold your lonely heart in His hands!

    Be Blessed my friend,

    Amy Honestly

  4. Mine still have a ways to go before college, but I am dreading it already! I am just trying to get them to go to school in CA so it will be easier for me to visit. Their dad just laughs, but they will always be my babies. Even when they're 10 inches taller than me!

    I wish your son a bright and happy future and you comfort this new season!

  5. Definitely bittersweet....thanks for sharing your thoughts..
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  6. I will be in so much trouble. I cried harder dropping my oldest off for HS last year than I did for Kindy. I hope he has a wonderfully, amazing, safe year.


  7. My first visit ... came by way of a Soft Place to Land ... well, my youngest just left for College in Tennessee (from Calif). The first one is always hard, but I think the last one (youngest) is even harder! Definitely bittersweet ... as one blogger said: it's tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow for him!

  8. Wow - I can so relate to this! We sent my son off to a YWAM DTS program one month ago...hardest thing ever to take him to the airport and say our goodbyes. It is so all those emotions you listed and more...I feel for you. Hang in there!!


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