Friday, June 26

Fun at Target

I'm just getting back to town from the world's most wonderful conference (more on that later). It takes me forever to get things going smoothly after I've been on a trip. Any of you born-organized people have any tips for how to re-enter home life after away-from-home life?

Anyway, I had to go to Target to pick up a few groceries, and look what I found at the One Spot (well, the $2.50 part of the One Spot):

They had these little stools in several colors. I'm betting they'll go fast, but you might want to check it out. Anyway, my head is spinning with things to do with this. Right now, it's on my front porch, anchoring a fun little Independence Day vignette.

By the way, U.S. News and World Report has just named my hometown as one of the country's 10 best places to live. You can read their reasons for this here. But I think one of the real reasons is because Durham has TWO SuperTargets. I live five minutes from one SuperTarget and ten minutes from another. My kind of town.


  1. I wish that I had a target nearby. I want that stool.

    My town, San Luis Obispo, CA, was on that list too. We were happy, but also afraid....we don't want everyone to move here.

  2. What's Up, Durham!

    No Love for WalMart??

  3. Blase',

    Actually, I do like WalMart, and we have one of those, too. We've got it covered on the discount shopping scene.

  4. I love finding good items at great prices. The only problem, I'm not so good at it. (sigh) Luckily, my husband however is great at it.

    What a darling patriotic display!

  5. Enjoyed visiting your blog today! The stool looks sweet with the little bear....Have to agree that Durham is beautiful. I had the opportunity a long time ago to help my cousin move into her Duke dorm room. Just a lovely area.


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