Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What to do with your vacation postcards

The little project I'd like to show you this week is one I completed some time ago. I thought I'd show you now because you might have some postcards you collected over the summer. This is a fun way to use those postcards and preserve your vacation memories.

Last year we got to go on a special trip. At the time, my husband was working for a Swiss bank. He had to go to Switzerland for business, and we got to tag along. Now, if you live in a hot, sticky climate like the one we have in North Carolina, you'll jump at the chance to go to Switzerland in August. Believe me.

Most of the items we would have liked to purchase as souvenirs were very expensive, so we didn't buy very much. But we did purchase a wonderful vintage travel poster (well, a reproduction) from the town we visited and a stack of pretty postcards.

The poster I framed in a traditional Swiss style. I love it.

And the postcards? I considered framing those, as well, but I wasn't satisfied with that idea. Then I remembered this old tray that I had:

I spray-painted the tray black (of course!), and then decoupaged the postcards onto the tray using a disposable foam brush and following the instructions on the bottle of Mod Podge. And look at the result:

Now we have a very useful serving tray that serves as a fun reminder of our trip every time we use it.
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mandiegirl said...

LOVE that idea! You're SO creative! :)

Its So Very Cheri said...

cute idea. I saw a project with Christmas Cards.
My blog has just been growing like a crazy weed and I haven't been able to get by for as many visits. I miss all my blog friends.
Come for a visit and see both of my new parties for the week. They are up every week and I hope you will participate.

Its So Very Cheri

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! Fun to see a project I haven't seen yet in blog land.
pk @ room remix

Anonymous said...

That really turned out beautiful! So fun and such great memories all in one.

Seems like I never have time to comment - busy summer - but I've been keeping up with your posts.

Hugs, Marla

Terri said...

Great idea! That turned out great. Blessings!

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

This looks fabulous! Great idea!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Tray Cute {wink wink}!

Jane said...

Looks great!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

It looks wonderful. :) I have a bag full of postcards that I started collecting on vacations when I was a child. This would be fun to do! Stopping by from Kimba's party. :)

Dawn said...

that is a great idea! i have done that with actual photos of my kids (for Christmas gifts)but i never thought of using the post cards that way! thanks!

Mod Podge Amy said...

What a great job you did - makes me want to do another tray!


Alyssa Barnett said...

You've given me some great inspiration! that looks awesome-
Thanks for the post~


elizabeth said...

I love this idea! Something beautiful and useful that makes you remember a great time. Now let's see if I can remember to do it... :)

Jenn said...

What a great idea! That is too cute.

Let it Shine said...

It looks so cute! It looks like something you would see in a magazine!

Katie said...

richella! i love your blog! i just found it when looking at the comments you left on my blog! this is great, i am so excited! :)

and p.s. great idea of how to use the postcards! too cute!

Kimba said...

That's a really cute idea! I have a box full of old postcards from past trips. I never could think of anything to do with them.

Diana said...

I'll be digging out some postcards!!!

Hop over sometime.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Very cute idea! Every time you use your tray you'll have a reminder of your travels!


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Very cute idea! Every time you use your tray you'll have a reminder of your travels!


Anonymous said...

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