Sunday, February 13

Prayers for the week

If you're like me, you could use a little pause for prayer during each day.

I like to start every day with the Lord's Prayer, and I pray throughout the day for various needs. But sometime during my workday, I like to pause and just spend a moment apart—a little time to re-orient my thoughts, a brief respite to center my thoughts once again on God.

If that sounds like something that would be nourishing to your soul, too, I'd love for you to join me. Here are small prayers to share for each day of the week.


Lord, we worship you. As we begin a new week, we acknowledge all things belong to you, and it’s by your grace that we live and love and work and play. Bless us, we ask, and help us to live well, love faithfully, work hard, and play freely. Amen.


Lord, as we begin this week, many of us are still tired from last week’s labor. The troubles of life weigh us down. We bring our burdens to you, trusting that you are able and willing to help us. Help us to rely on your everlasting love and care for us. Amen.


Lord, sometimes we think of “faith” as believing something that’s not really true. But your presence and your love for us ARE true, and we ask for your help to understand that we can trust you. Help us with our thinking and then help us with our living. Amen.


Lord, so much of life is confusing, even confounding. We struggle some days to know what to say or not to say, what to do or not do. Help us remember that we can always come to you for acceptance, encouragement, guidance, strength, and never-ending love. Amen.


Lord, we need help. And we need courage to ask you for what we need. May we never be ashamed of asking you for help, never doubt that you are able and willing to help, and never believe that you don’t care. Lord, we believe; help our unbelief! Amen.


Lord, as this week draws to a close, we realize there are things we've done that we should not have done and things we've left undone that we should have done. We ask you to forgive us for our sins, help us learn from our mistakes, and grant us peace. Amen.


Lord, you have told us that you are with us, and we take you at your word. Help us to remember that your presence with us is one of pure goodness, holy guidance, and unwavering love. May we learn to see ourselves as people in whom you dwell and delight. Amen.

I like to imagine all of us pausing to pray these prayers at some point during each day. It's a beautiful picture, don't you think?

Much love to you this week!


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