Wednesday, March 21

Grace at home: link up!

Today is the start of my new linky party: Grace at Home. I'm so glad you're here! This party is designed to showcase all the little things you do to make your home a place of grace.

This is what I see as I look out my front door today:

Looking back toward the house, including the basketball goal all ready for shooting hoops after dinner:

There's no way to compete with the beauty God has created, is there? Right now I'm just trying to bring a little of that beauty inside. Here's the new tablescape I created for our living room coffee table:

A coffee table book, a magnifying glass, and a little vignette. Very simple. My favorite thing is the bird's nest holding a candle.

I added a bit of lichen to the nest just because I like the color. See?

Simple touches of the outside brought indoors create grace at home, I think.

So how about you? What have you done lately to create grace in your home? This is the place for your link up a post about
  • DIY projects
  • decorating
  • recipes
  • hospitality
  • homemaking tips
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • faith
  • self-care
Whatever you do to make your home a place of grace, I'd like to hear about it. Please link up the permalink for your post, not your blog's home page. Please include a link back to the party so that others can join the fun. And please help me spread the word!


  1. Richella, I love the graceful touches you have added to your home! Thanks so much for being such a gracious hostess! Your blog is so inspirational!

  2. Congratulations on your brand new linky party, Richella! Thank you so much for hosting. You're right - there's no competing with the show that the Lord puts on every Spring. I love the touches that you've added to your coffee table. I think the candle in the bird's nest is my favorite too!

  3. Thanks for hosting. Glad I could make it. I do not link up to that many linky parties...I miss half the ones I usually like to so I am happy to be here.

  4. Yeah! So glad to be here for your new party! Love all of the gorgeousness of your home that you shared...certainly "filled with grace"! Thank you for hosting Richella, we shared the party on our Facebook Page and we will add it to our Party Page! Hugs!


  5. So excited to be here at your first party and I did share this on fb. Love the beauty outside your home and what you brought inside as well. Thank you for being a light in the blogging world!

  6. Richella, I am all linked up. Thanks for hosting. Your home is beautiful as always.

  7. Hi Richella,
    Thanks so much for hosting. Your home is amazing, and I love seeing your talent shine through in everything you do. =)

    Sorry for the double post. It didn't show up for a few minutes after I linked up, so I did it again and whala 2 posts. I apologize. *blush*

  8. Hey friend! Hope you don't get sick of us by the end of this party cause we linked up several posts! LOL! We are so thrilled for your new party and we will be spreading the word as much as we can. Thanks for hosting us Richella!

  9. Thank you for hosting this linky party... I can tell it's going to become one of my favorites. I loved all the photographs and thoughts you shared with us today.

  10. Thanks for hosting the party!

    Your yard looks so pretty right now. This is one of the few years that we enjoyed the deciduous Magnolia's blooms without having them ruined by a freeze. The pink one like you have is my favorite.

  11. Love this Richella! and I love your view outside. I love seeing everything blooming. Makes my heart sing!
    Blessings friend,

  12. YAY! The party day is here! I have on my prettiest pajamas and slippers, just for the occasion. I've brought over some scones and a potted daffodil just for you! I can't wait to see what the other ladies are going to share with us!
    HUGS and blessings and thanks for being a gracious hostess!
    Love, me
    P.S. A candle in a nest? Brilliant. Pinning. ;)

  13. Congrats on your new party...happy to be here.


  14. I only recently found your blog and signed up via email. So glad I did, and so excited to be a part of your first party! Thanks for hosting! :)

  15. Congrats on your first link party! I wish I had something to link up, but I've been a little stagnant lately. Enjoyed seeing some of the posts.


  16. thanks for hosting, dear Richella! you are always looking for the divine in life. Don't you love spring?

  17. Richella, congratulations on such a successful first link up party! Glad I could be a part of it! Beautiful blog and home! :D Have a super day! Shan@FamilyBringsJoy

  18. Great idea for a linky party! You're right; it's hard to compare anything we create with the Lord's creation! Thanks for hosting. :)

  19. My first time linking up- but your all added to my party page!! Thanks for hosting!
    xo Becca

  20. It is so beautiful out, isn't it? I love all of the blossoming trees. Your coffee table looks lovely.

  21. Darling! thanks for the comment on my post - I didn't think about linking it to the sheep and wolves...
    love the new link!
    many blessings!

  22. I love the nesting material with the candle!


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