Sunday, July 11

Dog days

I've read a little about why these hot, hot days are called the "dog days of summer." I suppose it's true that the term originated with ancient peoples who equated the hottest days of summer with the time that Sirius, the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation, rises and sets with the sun.

But when the temperature is in the 90's for days on end and the humidity makes the air feel as if you could cut it with a knife, I think the dogs are the only ones who have the right idea about how to cope.

Remind me never to complain about winter weather again.


  1. Oh my goodness. The dog in the top picture could be our dog's brother. Sister? Whatever. :) They look a lot alike.

    Hope you can stay cool!

  2. That looks like my 2 dogs today!

  3. oh, the pup knows just how to handle it! i hope you are surviving the heat!

  4. Wouldn't it be nice to be a dog some days and just lay around without a care in the world!?! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Looks like my place these days!! ;) We ought to learn a lesson from them.

  6. Oh, how I love the pup pics!! You know I'm such a dog lover.

    We've had a bit of a heat spell here in Oregon and my Husky/Collie mix is panting, the poor furry girl, from the heat. She got her walk, this morning before church, and it was already getting too warm to have her out comfortably walking. We'll be back in the moderate 70's and 80's this next week.

    I wonder what my girl would look like shaved? Or, better yet, I'll send her to your house with those comfy chairs to lounge in :) That would chase away any heat issues.

    Hope you and all your boys are having a wonderful summer. Hugs, Marla

  7. You are so right. We have had unseasonably cool weather this summer and just when I am wondering about the sun, I remember what triple digit weather is really like. Not that my dog will notice a difference from the cool chair he'll be napping on! lol

  8. Richella oh they are so precious and sweet. Give them a hug from me. I love all animals so much.

    Thanks for checking out my *dream*. It's fun to do that sometimes. *Smiles*

    Have a wonderful day.
    ~Melissa :)

  9. I am not complaining at all about the hot weather:) This Florida girl had a rough winter in Ohio:(

    Richella, I am adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind. Let me know.



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