Wednesday, November 11

Don't miss this!

Today is an exciting day for me.

Many of you may have seen the fun series going on over at Life In Grace: Edie's been doing an exciting series called "12 Days of Handmade Christmas." She started on November 1, and she's featured a different craft each day. Such good ideas! If you haven't seen this series, go here to start at Day 1 and work your way through.

Well, today is my day to guest post for Edie! And my Christmas craft is one that anyone can try: homemade fudge. Not just any fudge, though--my fudge recipe originated with Mamie Eisenhower. It's from an old Kansas cookbook, and the recipe title proudly adds a subtitle: "Mamie made this fudge to woo Ike." I like Ike, and I like fudge, but I don't like candy thermometers and confusing directions. Well, this recipe is not confusing. It's simple to follow, and it produces the most delicious, creamy, wonderful fudge. I've made it every year for the past 20 years, and I'll keep making it as long as I'm able to hold a spoon.

Now go on over to Edie's and read the post for yourself. Print that recipe and give it a try. You'll love it. Promise.


  1. I make fudge to give to neighbors at Christmas. I'm going to try that recipe this year. It looks fabulous. Very simple which suits me fine.

    I tried highlighting and printing the recipe but it wouldn't print. That's ok. It will be fun to write out the recipe -- like in the olden days before printers. :)

  2. will definitely try the fudge! and where did you find the "Christ is born" tag? I really like that. Would look great framed too!

  3. I love fudge and your recipe seems simple enough for even me to make. Thanks for sharing it I hope to make it this season.

  4. what i love is your tag!!!
    (do you have a template?)
    i might even try the fudge :)

  5. The "Christ is Born" tag is an ornament that I bought at Hobby Lobby.

  6. Oh Richella, I can't wait to try it. Mom made fudge every year, and I'm just going to have to carry on that tradition.
    I love the way it is packaged!

  7. It looked like a great recipe. I am a terrible fudge maker, but I do love to eat it. That will probably be the driving force in me trying your recipe. :)

  8. We've just moved back to my sweet, little hometown in KS and this will be a perfect gift for our new neighbors! Thanks for sharing!

    I {heart} your blog...just thought you'd like to know! ;)

  9. I really like that. Would look great framed too!
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  10.'re making me drool! Darn that stinkin diet. And I don't even like fudge! That's what I get for going off of sugar.


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