Sunday, March 27

Prayers for the week VII

I'm grateful that many of you are joining me in prayer each day. What a joy it is to imagine folks of like mind praying together!

I like to start every day with the Lord's Prayer, and I pray throughout the day for various needs. But sometime during my workday, I like to pause and just spend a moment apart—a little time to re-orient my thoughts, a brief respite to center my thoughts once again on God.

If that sounds like something that would be nourishing to your soul, too, I'd love for you to join me. Here are small prayers to share for each day of the week.


Pause for prayer: Lord, you are good, and we are grateful. Thank you for being a good and beautiful God, a God who deserves to be worshipped. You alone are worthy of our adoration. Our hearts are full as we consider your goodness, and with thanksgiving we praise your name. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, you are our strength. Left to ourselves, we quickly discover just how weak we are. But your strength, like your love, endures forever. Help us to trust you more and more, believing that you will not fail, and we will sing your praise once again. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, so many of our days are filled with mistakes. We wound with our words. We break hearts with our carelessness. We hurt ourselves and one another. We are sorry. Forgive us, we ask, and help us. Teach us to love people incredibly well, as you do. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, we need you to guide us day by day, hour by hour; apart from you we can do nothing. Teach us your way of grace and goodness, please. Rescue us from darkness and show us how to live in the light of your everlasting love. Fill us with your peace. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, this week is winding down, but our task lists remain long. So once again we turn to you, and we ask you help us order our days. Show us what is most important to do and what we can let go. And help us to trust you for the outcomes. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, as this work week draws to a close, we ask for your peace. There is much that we have had to leave undone, and this is worrisome to us. But you are greater than our worries, so once again we release them to you. Thank you for your care for us. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, we give you thanks for all the good around us: the beauty of the earth, the glory of the skies, the love of family and friends. Help us to work with you to bring more and more good into the world. Amen.

In my mind's eye, I like to picture all of us pausing to pray these prayers at some point during each day. Isn't that a lovely thought?

Grace and peace to you this week!

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