Monday, July 25

Screened porch updates

It's full-on summertime here in North Carolina--time for sitting on the porch and enjoying an evening breeze. I've already shared updates I've made to my front porch, and today I'll show you what's happening on my screened porch.

Cool and shaded screened porch with eating and sitting area

Yes, I know that we're very blessed to have more than one covered porch. This feature is one of the things that sold us on our house.

Here you can see the location of the porch. Our house is three stories in the back, so the porch is perched high. Sitting here is like being in a treehouse!

Three-story house with ground level patio and second story deck and porch

Our screened porch is not large, but it's big enough for both an eating area and a sitting area.

The dining table is not really an outdoor piece, but it's done just fine here. You can see here that the eating area of the porch is just a few steps from the grill on the deck.

Dining area of screened porch leads out to deck

Here's the view from the table out into the back yard.

From screened porch dining area, you can see adjacent deck and patio below

I like to keep the dining table looking nice, but I'm not one for fancy centerpieces. These Ball jars holding hydrangeas are more my speed. I like displaying three of them on this tray I found recently on Decor Steals.

Centerpiece for dining table composed of galvanized tray holding Mason jars and flowers Simple and lovely!

The small seating area is nestled into the other side of the porch:

Small sitting area on screened porch is cozy and cool.

The furnishings here are an eclectic mix: an old garden bench that I painted black, a very old wicker chair, an antique farm table, an ottoman made from a styrofoam cooler, and an outdoor rug from Target. If you follow me on Facebook, you may recognize the paisley pillows. I considered them for my new front porch, but decided that I like them better here.

Comfortable sitting area features simple furnishings and accessories

A new addition is this darling galvanized table I found this spring at Decor Steals. 

Cute galvanized table from Decor Steals is perfect for screened porch

For years I had a bookshelf in this corner:

I liked the bookshelf, but the whole area seemed a bit crowded. Solution: I had the bookshelf cut in half to make a compact sideboard.

Old bookcase was cut in half to create a small sideboard for screened porch

Now we have a space to serve drinks on the porch, and the seating area is more open.

Bookcase cut in half now serves as small sideboard and creates a beverage serving station on screened porch.

You can tell from the photos that the screened porch is shady, so even on hot days it stays pretty comfortable. Wish you could come sit here and drink a nice glass of iced tea with me!

Second-story screened porch is nestled in the trees and offers a shady spot for relaxing.

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  1. What a lovely porch, Richella! Love that galvanized table! In all the years of reading your blog, I don't think I've ever seen the back of your home... just the front! Looks lovely!!!
    Kendra @

  2. Oh, you have me dreaming of screening our back porch! It looks so inviting and mosquito free!

  3. Richella, your porch is so inviting! It looks so relaxing. I can imagine having lots of family time out there; or just a quiet moment to yourself. I would never want to be inside.

  4. Beautiful, don't you just love Décor Steals? Love screened porches.


  5. What a lovely spot to relax, entertain or get some computer work done. I expect you can enjoy it most of the year.

  6. Very nicely done...I love that screened porch up in the trees! Do you need to cover anything when it rains? We put an old leather couch on ours & run out to cover it when we see a dark cloud. It's still worth the trouble...just love it! Thanks!

  7. How creative of you to cut that bookcase in half!! It looks great! I especially love that farm table! It has so much character!

  8. Richella,
    Gorgeous screened in back porch, dear friend!
    I love that your dining table is close to the grill!
    LOVED the bookcase, but understand the need for more vertical space!

  9. I would love to drink a glass of sweet iced tea on your porch with you! We have thought of screening in the porch that runs the length of the back of our home. It is so tempting, especially when I see people enjoying their porches. Yours is lovely!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  10. Lately I've been obsessed with screened porches! Unfortunately, here in Texas you just don't see many of them. Yours feels like a tree house. It beautiful. Love your table!

  11. Such a lovely and serene spot. So enjoyed my visit with you today!
    Thank you for joining us at TOHOT!


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