Wednesday, July 15

A simple truth about God

For the past couple of weeks I've been intensely studying about the Holy Spirit and the amazing mystery of God.

Meanwhile, our sweet little beagle had to have surgery.  If you follow me on Instagram
(@richellaparham), you may have seen this photo of Snickers before her surgery:

And this one of Snickers just after her surgery. Our pound puppy, Cocoa, was very concerned about Snickers's incision.

Lofty thoughts about God and concern for our little dog have been swirling around together in my mind, and I was reminded of this video.  If you haven't seen it, you should take a couple of minutes to see it.  I promise it will warm your heart.

Isn't it amazing how parts of God's creation reveal sweet truths about God Himself?

Do you have a story about how your pet has revealed the truth about God? Link it up!


  1. Beautiful and warmed my heart :-)

  2. Oh how sweet this is and yes, it warmed my heart too :)

  3. sweet. I needed a little heart warming today.

  4. What a wonderful video! Thank you Richella for sharing.

    Prayers that Snickers heal quickly.



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