Tuesday, April 8

Free printable and giveaway winner

Hello, friends!

I'm tickled that so many of you liked the green Heritage Collection Ball jars.  I think they're so pretty, and I especially like mixing them with last year's blue jars.


I created a Waterlogue of the jars sparkling in the sunlight, and many of you asked about that artwork.  Click here to download a printable of this Waterlogue (free for personal use only).

The lucky winner of the case of jars is Entry #181,  Mindy Whipple!  Congratulations, Mindy!

***SPECIAL REMINDER:  This week I'm celebrating the 100th edition of the Grace at Home link party by giving away $100 cash!  Click here to enter!***


  1. Ooooh, that's pretty Richella. Thank you. :)

  2. Gorgeous artwork Richella and my favorite colors. Thanks for sharing the free printable.

  3. Beautiful print! I am pinning it so other's can enjoy it too. Can't wait for my jars to arrive - so many plans for them :)


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