Friday, October 25

Caring for Myself Body and Soul 22:
Getting some fashion help

This month I'm focusing on caring for myself body and soul, and today I'll share with you one of the most fun things I've done for myself in a long time.

I'm getting some fashion help.

This is a photo my husband snapped of me a few weeks ago when I turned 50.  Not bad for a 50-year-old.  But what to wear?  I like to look nice, but I've never had a well-developed sense of fashion.  And after a couple of years of suffering with plantar fasciitis and wearing athletic shoes almost every day, I'm rusty at putting things together.

I need help.

The first place I looked for help, of course, was to blogs.  My friend Cyndi Spivey writes an amazing blog on beauty and fashion, Walking in Grace and Beauty.  She's helped me a lot.

With Cyndi's encouragement, I enrolled in StitchFix.  Have you heard of StitchFix?  It's an online personal styling service.  For a very modest price, you can have your very own personal stylist who will choose clothes for you to try (no purchase required).  You can read all about it here.  This service is amazing!

When I got my latest StitchFix box, though, I wondered if my stylist had sent things to the wrong person.  She wrote "I chose a couple of burgundy pieces for you because I think they'd go great with your hair color and skin tone."  Huh?  Was she talking to me?  I know burgundy is popular this Fall, but I never thought it would look good on me.

I used to have fairly bright red hair, but as I've gotten older, my hair has gotten darker.  Now it's auburn, and what do you know?  Burgundy actually does look good with my hair color and skin tone!

Here I paired the burgundy cardigan over a black tank with grey houndstooth ankle pants.  These pants would look great with heels, but they also work well with these loafers, and my feet can handle the flats much better.

Then I remembered this wonderful scarf my husband gave me a couple of years ago.  It works great with the burgundy cardigan worn with skinny jeans and black boots!

Then I remembered this plaid shirt that's been hanging in my closet.  It works with the burgundy cardigan, too.

Question:  How on earth do fashion bloggers take such great photos of themselves??  Obviously it's not by taking iPhone pics of themselves in a mirror.

The amazing thing is that I was able to quickly and easily put together three outfits that I never would considered simply because I got some fashion help.  Left to my own, I limited myself to wearing the same things over and over.

Do you enjoy putting outfits together?  Have you ever tried a service like StitchFix?

**I'm joining Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore.**

This post is the twenty-second entry in a 31-day series: Caring for Myself Body and Soul.  
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  1. Those are fantastic outfits Richella and you look gorgeous as always! When we met at Haven I thought you were super stylish so this post kind of surprised me! The burgundy tones are perfect for you and I love the idea of an online stylist. :-)

  2. All three outfits look fabulous and you look amazing. I think you hit it totally out of the park with how you put all three together. Great look. Hugs, Marty

  3. You look wonderful!!! Burgundy is one of my favorite colors so I have a few (okay, a lot!) of burgundy tops and cardies. It's red but a warm red so of course it looks good on you!

  4. You're quite lovely and don't look at all like your 50! Burgundy is my favorite color, with chocolate brown coming in next!

  5. A great look! I love a great light-weight cardigan and wear them often in cool weather. Isn't it cool that swapping out a few accessories make a completely different outfit? Seriously, Richella...I think you would look lovely wearing the! By the way, I didn't realize burgundy is making a comeback...I'm glad!

  6. Richella, you look great and the burgundy is an awesome color on you.

  7. You are not 50! I don't care what you say! haha! Age is definitely just a number for you because you look so young! I love burgundy! And you look great in it!

  8. Girl you rocked the burgundy sweater!! I love all three outfits! Thanks for shout out too, love you.

  9. You can't be 50! You look fabulous! Although...we all know 50 is the 30! Happy Wednesday!


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