Monday, October 1

The easiest fall accent

Hello, friends!  Happy October!

I was in Pottery Barn the other day and was glad to see that they're still selling the aged terra cotta pots that I knocked off a couple of years ago. (Click here to read how to make these for yourself.)  Just so you know, my homemade aged pots have lasted beautifully.  They still look as good as they did on the day I made them.

One thing I like about Pottery Barn is that they use some similar elements year after year, and I caught sight of one piece I particularly like.  I first saw this at Pottery Barn last year, and there it was again:  one of those weathered pots with a single beautiful autumn flower. 

I made my own, of course. Here's how:

1. I stuffed my pot with grocery bags. You could use any filler you have on hand.

2. Over the filler I placed a layer of sheet moss.

3. On top of the moss I glued a single large silk flower, and presto! A simple fall accent piece.

Couldn't be easier!  And isn't it cute?

Have you finished all your autumn decorating yet?

I'm joining Beth at Home Stories A to Z for Tutorials and Tips.


  1. I like it! Thanks for sharing your aged pot again, I'm going to try that.

  2. Richella, this is so cute! How simple to do; and it makes such a great accent. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cute little pot! Thanks for the idea and instructions Richella!

    Love, Linda

  4. Love the simplicity of this, Richella, and I love the pot, too!

  5. Adorable Richella...that is so cute! Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  6. a quick and easy idea that is so cute and colorful!

  7. very cute :) i always love yuor projects!!


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