Tuesday, April 24

Guest room re-do
(If You Give a Blogger a Cookie. . . )

. . . she's going to want a glass of milk.As I was finishing up my guest room this past week, I was reminded of reading my boys If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Remember that story of one thing leading to the next and the next?

Last fall I found some wonderful fabric and made new draperies, bedskirts, Euro shams, and bolster pillows for my guest room. And I loved the new look. But then I noticed that the walls sorely needed painting. The fresh new fabrics just emphasized the dirty old paint. So I chose a lovely light green for the walls ("Limesickle" color by Benjamin Moore; my paint is actually Duration paint by Sherwin Williams).

I was so happy to get the walls all nice and clean and fresh! But then I noticed that the new wall color didn't quite work with the old green headboards as I had hoped. (Confession: I don't ever do samples. Maybe I should start?) And the fresh walls and the new curtains and bedskirts and pillows emphasized that the finish on the nightstand really needed some work. And I didn't really like the frames around the reproduction posters above the beds. And I wasn't thrilled with the lamp I had painted blue last year. So. . . one thing led to another, truly. Here's the result.

This long, narrow room is hard to photograph, but here are some views around the room.

I'm so happy with it.  I used to think of this room as the place where old furniture went to die.  Now, with a little elbow grease, it's become a place where old furniture goes to shine!

A few little details:

I made the upholstered headboards years ago (click here for tutorial). Changing them was super-easy--I just ripped off the trim and the last fabric, stapled new raw silk ($7.99 per yard at Not Just Linens in Durham) in place, then re-attached the same trim. Each headboard required 1 1/2 yards of fabric, so brand new headboards cost me just $24. By the way, I love twin beds in a guest room. I find they make the room more versatile than a double or queen. We often have two college students visiting at the same time, and they can share the room easily since they don't have to share a bed. Married couples don't seem to mind sleeping separately when they visit; I tell them they can pretend they're on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

I painted my old Bombay Company chest with a homemade chalky paint mixture. You can click here to read about that project. I love the look of my nightstand now.

I added scrapbook paper to the back of the open shelves in the secretary. The paper was on sale at Michael's for 25 cents per piece, so this update cost only $1.50.

I found these cool finials on clearance at Target for $5.48 each.

I didn't like the frames that were previously on the reproduction posters above the beds. I was poking around my attic and found some more substantial frames that just happened to be the perfect size! I just spray-painted them black.

I use antique hatboxes as a side table beside the chair. At some point I'll have this chair re-upholstered, but for now it still works.

In this corner, I updated the look simply by painting my lamp a rust color to coordinate with the new headboards. Free and fast. This photo gives you a glimpse of the bath beyond; click here to read how I made the shower curtain.  The black dresser on which the lamp and TV sit was an unfinished oak piece that my parents bought back in the 1960's.  It was their bedroom dresser for awhile, then it was my bedroom dresser.  Then when I had my first baby in 1991, my parents painted it white and gave it to me to serve as a changing table.  There's a lot of mileage on this little dresser!

You can see the lamp a little better when it's turned off. The spray painted finish was a little bright, so I rubbed it with a bit of stain to darken it. Not bad for a free update!

A few elements stayed the same:

Old prints and Haviland plates from Goodwill (68 cents each)

So my guest room has gone from this:

To this:

With that, I think I'm done. For now.

Does one thing lead to another at your house?

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  1. It looks so beautiful Richella! That snowball effect in decorating can be dangerous. ;-) It is such a lovely room and the fabrics are beautiful as is the new wall color. Well done!

  2. Richella- You did a fantastic job and I just LOVE those fabrics! WOW~ Yes, at my house one thing ALWAYS leads to another and it can just get crazy. I had a room that I ended up changing so much that my youngest daughter took every single thing in there and now has a guest room with a "jungle theme" (for lack of a better term). It all started with a gorgeous oil painting of an elephant (seriously). I just loved the room but it doesn't fit in our home by the water. I have gone much more nautical for that room here.

    Hope you have a great evening- xo Diana

  3. Beautiful! Isn't that so true, one thing leads to another and another. Love the wall color too, very pretty!

  4. Wow. I would be so excited to stay in a room like this!

  5. Love it :)

    Missing you all!!!

  6. HI, Richella! So good to talk to you, thanks for stopping by, you always leave the most special comments. I only wish I could visit everyone more often. You are SO sweet!

    Love, love your guestroom makeover, it's so happy and the colors are lively and calming at the same time. So very pretty, great job! xoxo

  7. HI, Richella! So good to talk to you, thanks for stopping by, you always leave the most special comments. I only wish I could visit everyone more often. You are SO sweet!

    Love, love your guestroom makeover, it's so happy and the colors are lively and calming at the same time. So very pretty, great job! xoxo

  8. One word, A M A Z I N G!! All of it is simply GORGEOUS!! Well done! xo ~Liz

  9. I abso adore this room!!! This is just gorgeous and I would love this for my bedroom!!!

  10. Great makeover, Richella! I love the fabrics you chose for this room. It looks so comfy, cozy and with the bathroom it's perfect. I have to say that I sleep better in a separate bed from hubby ~ when we are away and have two Queens in our room, we each take a bed!

  11. It is SO cheerful and homey! I bet it makes your guests feel so cared for comfortable. Great work - SO much DIY!

  12. Your room looks lovely and so inviting - much brighter and welcoming, so I will be there this weekend for a "test drive" haha

  13. I love the way your guestroom looks, Richella. One thing has often lead to another in my house, but for now I just can't take on any projects so they'll just have to sit tight for a while. I'd love to re-do Elizabeth's nightstand but I don't think she'd let me touch any of her PINK items (read: everything!). Last time I got carried away with something was the kids' bathroom - cowboy and cowgirl theme which James & Elizabeth selected. Well, I had to find prints to hang, accessories to match, etc. It is adorable but I still change it up for the holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Spring, etc.) so they only get it about 8 months out of the year!

  14. Rachella, Your quest room is so worm and cozy. Love the colors, your very talented.

  15. Very, very pretty! All of your touches and attention to detail make the room so warm and welcoming. I think decorating is like setting off a chain of dominoes...one thing always leads to another!

  16. Your guest room has turned out beautiful. When I see twin beds like that I always think of the Dick Van Dyke show too. I think the twin beds look better in the room than a full bed would though. It makes it look bigger.

  17. Seriously...I would LOVE to stay in that room Richella. The paint is so light and pretty! Love it.

    You did a great job with the re-do. And for not a lot of money. I love the bedside table....such a cheery color. And how wonderful to have an en suite (bath) right there. Ours is in-between two guest bedrooms in the hall.

    You make me want to re-do my guest room. (:>)

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  18. LOVE the new look! It looks refreshed :-) I'm completely like you when I decorate too! It starts with some spray paint & then I want to redo 7 other things in the house to make it all cohesive. :-D

  19. This is a lovely room. Thanks for posting the sources!

  20. Love your guest room redo! It jogged my memory on some linens that I had in our home in Mexico that can now go into our beach home that we are hoping to buy soon. Thanks so much for the inspiration. BTW -- I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to see your next project.
    Ladybug Creek

  21. Your room look so nice before, but is nicer now. It seems more refreshing. I do appreciate your links with tutorials. Thanks!
    p.s. found you over "At The Picket Fence" :)

  22. It is so chic! I love your fabrics with that blue chect of drawers in the middle!

  23. Beautiful guest room. Your guests will love it. You put so much thought into it and it shows.

  24. Wow, Richella. It looks like a totally different room - so fresh and inviting! I love your comparison to the Dick Van Dyke show. I hope you'll be able to join us for the HP trip on May 5th!

  25. This room turned out gorgeous! I love the color scheme in there. Your use of fabric on the beds and windows is perfect too. I'd love to visit and stay in that room. I think that's everyone's goal when creating a guest room.

  26. The new colors are fabulous, Richella! Makes me want to come stay even more. You must have a good eye, because I still use testers! And we love Mouse a Cookie too :) I keep forgetting to ask again..are you coming to Haven?? xo

  27. It is absolutely gorgeous! Your guests may never leave.

  28. It looks so homey! I love it! The colors are so rich and inviting! Great work!

    Would love if you stopped by and linked up to the Pomp Party!


    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  29. What a lovely, inviting space! Your guests will feel so welcome :)

    You had me at the "If You Give a" reference!

  30. Richella, this room is so serene looking. When you said the wall color was lime I was expecting some vivid walls and they are so pale and soft looking. Great job on this room.

  31. GREAT makeover. One of my girl's favorite book was, "If You Give A Moose a Muffin". Tina

  32. Richella, your guest room is BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, I love everything you did in here. And I really like your reference to "if you give a blogger a cookie." LOL! My kids have the moose, the mouse and the puppy book.

    Thanks for joining the DIY Talent Parade.

  33. What a pretty room. I love the twin beds and the mix of fabrics.

  34. So pretty!! It looks like a bed and breakfast ... a perfectly relaxing retreat of a room :-) love it!

  35. Wow! That room looks fantastic!


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