Friday, July 8

Dealing with the heat

July in my hometown of Durham is hot. And humid. And really kind of miserable.

As I long for the cool weather and try not wish summertime away, I find it comforting to remember:

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

How about you? Do you love the heat, or do you long for cooler days? What do you do to appreciate all the seasons for the beauty they bring?


  1. Ooooh, do I know what you're saying!! It's been 100+ here in Texas for most of the summer!! We just rejoice in going to the pool in the afternoon and the fact that it is nice and comfortable instead of freezing cold. We keep praying for rain and swimming while we wait.:)

  2. It's funny because there are times when I don't like the heat so much and others when I don't mind it. As much as I love spring and fall, I do love the longer days of summer and just being able to get out and enjoy if I have to take some heat to get to enjoy the outdoors, I will.

  3. 102 in humid Louisiana today, and I LOVE it, course I love A/C too! I love not having to bundle up in layers of clothing and I am thankful everyday for sunshine, as it brings me such joy. Wonder if my love of summer has anything to do with the fact that I was born in August?!

  4. I love all the seasons. However, it has been 100 or more here for many days. It's too hot.

  5. I like the heat as long as there is an air conditioned house to sleep in at night. Sitting by a pool getting as hot as I can stand and then jumping into the cool pool for relief is one of my favorite summer pleasures. I also like to work in the yard with the sun beating down on my back.

    My friend stayed in Chapel Hill last weekend and went to Duke Gardens. I thought of you when he told me that!

  6. Well, I love certain things about summer and some things...not so much!

    As long as I have air conditioning in my car and home, and places I am visiting I am fine. If not...then I get can sick from the heat.

    If I have the grandkids at the pool for instance, I have to sit in the shade and drink LOTS of water if I am not swimming with them.

    I love summer evenings though! It is a feeling I loved as a child when we would go to the beach in the evenings and feel the heat give way to a gentle cool breeze off the ocean.

    I do love ice cold watermelon and lemonade on a hot summer day. Or a dish of ice cream.

    I like wearing capris and sandals and light weight tops.

    And like a previous comment said, I like how it stays light longer and gives us more time to enjoy ourselves.

    It does feel good to look at the good things that summer brings.

    Each season has its blessings!

    Thanks for this post Richella.

  7. I do love summer, but when the heat index is over 110, these beautiful pictures of winter certainly help cool me off! :)

  8. I love that scripture and it's true of so many things. My favorite season is Fall but I find myself holding on to each season (except maybe Winter) with a clenched fervor. I know with each new season, my kids will be older and I am holding as tight to their childhood as I possibly can. :)

  9. We are feeling the heat here. We play outside early in the day and right before bedtime.

  10. I'm a winter lover by nature. I was born in January in VA & have always loved the cooler temps that fall & winter bring. I even had a winter wedding where we had the 1st snowfall of the season during our ceremony & reception. I think that about sums up my love of winter :-)

  11. I love the hot weather. I can't stand to be cold so I never rush summer away:) It does get very humid and sometimes that isn't much fun but I am learning to deal with the other seasons much better the older I get.

    Thanks for the tip about the furniture polish on granite. I have granite for the first time and I wasn't happy about the streaks left on the counter when I wiped it. Now I use the polish and a cloth and it looks great!

  12. I'm wishing for cooler days too, although I am trying not to wish the summertime away, just a cooler summer would be nice ;-)

  13. Oh, girl. I KNOW whachamean! It's so stinkin' hot this week! I too, long for the cool weather. I'm a fall/winter/spring girl. Summer is for hibernating. :)


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