Sunday, October 10


The date is just too cool to let this day go by without thinking about its significance.

It seems that there are often important events that take place on dates that share the same number for month and day. For instance, the Allied invasion of Europe in World War II began on D-Day, 06/06 (in 1944). The Germans signed an armistice with the Allies, bringing an end to World War I, on 11/11 (in 1918). Did you know that the London Eye (formerly called the Millennium Wheel) was put into place on 10/10 (in 1999)? Or that Alaska became the 49th U.S. state on 07/07 (in 1958)?

Much rarer are significant events that take place on dates that share the same number for month, day, and year. Of course, there are only 12 such days per century. But occasionally something big does happen on such a day. Remember the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics? Those took place on 08/08/08 (21st century). The Commonwealth of Australia came into being on 01/01/01 (20th century).

I've been thinking that it might be a fun challenge to come up with some kind of goal related to this special day in history. Perhaps there's something I could commit to do between today, 10/10/10, and the next of these dates, which will be 11/11/11. That's 13 months and one day from today. I'm not very good at making (or keeping) New Year's resolutions, but maybe I could make a triple-date resolution.

Nothing to do with my diet or exercise, thank you. I don't really want to talk about that, but if you do, that's okay.

But maybe I'd like to have all the closets in my house cleaned out by 11/11/11. Or maybe I'd like to read a particular version of the Bible all the way through between now and 11/11/11. Or maybe I'd just like to promise that I'll spend a certain amount of time in prayer each day for this time. I'd love to look back at these thirteen months from the vantage point of 11/11/11 and say that I've spent more time with God in those months than ever before in my life.

What do you think? Want to join me on a triple-date journey? Is there something you'd like to accomplish over the next thirteen months, some hope you hold dear, or something you'd like to do to commemorate these days?


  1. I keep typing, deleting, typing deleting. This is a hard one.

    I think I have more in my life that I Hope for - mostly for my loved ones - than things I'd like to personally accomplish.

  2. I am a little bit embarrassed to even admit that I didn't realize today's date!!! :s I will have to put some thing into my goal. Almost scared to put anything in print. ;)

  3. I just knew some sweet soul, would acknowledge this! I too like Marla desire things for my children, more than myself. I will commit to more prayer time and Bible study.
    Thanks for acknowledging history!!!

  4. I remember this day because my grandmother's birthday would be today. She would be 90 years old. She died when I was 10 and I think about her every day.

  5. This day is very significant to me because it is our Anniversary today! 12 years of marriage on
    10/10/10! It is such a great time to pause and reflect on the last 12 years of marriage and parenting and pray for our future together and for wisdom in this season of life! Thanks for such a great post!

  6. My son was born on 8/8/08 and it was most certainly a VERY special day : ) All the nurses in the hospital kept talking about how cool it was!

  7. Wow, I totally didn't even notice this about the date...that's awful, isn't it? Thanks for pointing it out for us...wonder what we'll all be doing by 11-11-11?!

  8. It's funny, I sat down at the computer on Sunday night, after being away all weekend and saw some posts about 10-10-10, then I glanced in the corner of my screen to the clock (I honestly didn't even know if it was the 10th or 11th and was gonna click to check the date) when I noticed it was actually 10.10pm! Then I hovered over the time and saw that it was indeed the 10th. To think I looked at the clock at exactly 10.10 10/10/10 was rather amazing I thought... but all that said, I doubt I'll remember to do anything of significance on 11/11/11!! ;-)

  9. I love stuff like this, Richella - to acknowledge cool dates, to set a semi-goal. Nice.

    And btw? Your kitchen is so gorgeous. I wish I could sit next to you on one of those adorable bar stools and sip some coffee!


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