Sunday, July 18

Blogging woes . . . and a winner

Blogging is hard for those of us who are technologically challenged.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. I've done one thing right: I've changed my name. This blog can now be found at the simple address "" I love that part. That's the easy part.

The hard part? Getting everything from my old Blogspot address to my new address. It's not supposed to be any big deal--everything is supposed to move automatically. But so far some stuff hasn't moved. Comments, for instance. If you click on an old post, you're likely to see "0 Comments," which really makes me sad. I'm told that they'll get here eventually.

Meanwhile, I needed to pick a winner for my Summer Reading giveaway, but that post is only showing 4 comments. You'll have to take my word for it: there were more than four comments, and the Random Number Generator chose #15 as the winner. If I counted the comments correctly, Commenter #15 was The Scooper at A La Mode. Scooper, send me an email with your address, and I'll send your copy of Stuff Christians Like right out to you!


  1. I feel your pain. I am new to blogging and challenged? I am at the top of the list:)

    Hang in there!

  2. See I wanted to change mine to a .com but I was afraid of losing stuff too. I hope you get it all straightened out. At least you still come right up in the blogs I'm following.

  3. Yay for you!! I've been scared to change mine over too. Hope your comments move!! :)

  4. They'll move! I promise! I did it and within a few days I got everything back. :) But I had some panic attacks those first couple of days that's for sure!

  5. I've been blogging for three years and I'm still challenged! How do you change to a address??? Hope everything works itself out soon.

  6. I wouldn't have any idea how to do what you did. Hurray for you for being brave enough to try. I hope that you get everything straightened out soon.

  7. Hi Richella, sorry about the blogging woes. I hope you can get your comments and other stuff moved over. Congrats on the winner.
    Hope your week gets off to a good start... happy Monday.

  8. Have I told you yet how excited I am? : ) Thank you again for the book!

    I'm hoping to change from blogger within the next few months...I'm a little scared.

  9. I've been wanting to get far away from Blogger myself! Just changing templates was a big deal for me, and the blogger folks have never been very helpful. So, good for you for changing and be patient, things will follow you eventually!
    Heidi - Heart and Home


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